Science - Olympics

Water Polo

  • This lesson covers heat transfer and insulating through investigating the construction of the water polo arena.

100m sprint

  • This is the first lesson of a unit to mark the 2012 Olympics. Each lesson focusses on an olympic event and links it to scientific concepts.

Graphs Tell Stories

  • This video shows how graphs can be used to tell stories.

Off the block

  • Help students understand false starts and sprinting speeds with this reaction time resource.

Athletic cheats?

  • Explore the reasons for and against using drugs in sport with this newspaper template.

Big Picture: exercise, energy and movement

  • A magazine from the Wellcome Trust about the biological systems behind how we move.

Competing with cheetahs

  • From big cats to flying mammals, Marwell Wildlife’s resource pits athlete against animal in a number of events.

Water polo pool monitor

  • Get your students to investigate conduction, convection and radiation to decide which insulating material would be best to cover a sports arena.

20 Questions

  • From forces and motion to atoms and elements, this PowerPoint quiz tests whether students can spot the science in sport.

Sports science handbook

  • This colourful compendium is everything a student needs to understand how sport and science unite.

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