Science Resources

Galileo Galilei was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. His major achievements included building the first high-powered astronomical telescope, coming up with the ideas behind Newton’s laws of motion and confirming the Copernican theory of the solar system. This resource collection features games, videos and physics resources as well as astronomical themes for the full Galileo experience.

Primary Galileo Resources (BBC Class Clips)

Copernicus and Galileo (signed)

While competing in a game show, Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei describe how they discovered and explained the movement of the Earth around the Sun.

Gravity – Earth, Jupiter and Pluto

A video explaining the difference in gravity between the three planets for primary aged children to understand.

Secondary Galileo Resources

Famous Scientist

Find a poster of Galileo Galilei as well as many other famous scientists in this resource to celebrate his 448th birthday on the 15/02/12.

Planet Top Trump cards

Planet themed top trump card game for the classroom.

Orbital motion

This resource will help students understand the circular motion of satellites.

Models of the Solar System – Teachers TV

Discover the science of our solar system in a video for KS3/4.

Telescopes and their uses

Powerpoint all about Galileo’s invention – the telescope.

Galileo’s rolling ball

Let your students test out Galileo’s original idea which led to Newton’s First Law.

Is Galileo or Aristotle right?

Challenge your students to design an experiment which will prove if Galileo’s or Aristotle’s theories on gravity are correct.

Gravity and the history of the solar system

A gravity worksheet and PowerPoint are accompanied by the ‘History of ideas on the solar system’ featuring the likes of Galileo and Copernicus.

The history of telescopes

A fun history of telescopes from invention to present day.

The Astronomy masterclass

An interactive presentation to accompany an astronomy master class.


Interesting data and information covering each of the eight planets and Pluto.

Gravity and space resources

A large collection of resources and worksheets on Gravity and Space including number activities and quizzes.

Exploring gravity

This resource covers the difference between mass and weight using activities and worksheets.


A PowerPoint on how our understanding of the stars has developed, from Ptolemy to the Big Bang Theory.

Exploring space, satellites and probes

A wonderful collaborative task for students to learn about space exploration and satellites.