Science videos

Watch some of the best video resources that make even the most difficult science easy.

Watch some of the best video resources that make even the most difficult science easy.


The Bio Da Versity Code shared by Green.TV

An absolutely awesome video from Green.TV! Fun, exciting and informative with a great context that conveys the message of the Web of Life very well.

Animated Rat Dissection shared by bhbsscience

A superb rat dissection stop-motion animation made by learners. The level of detail in the model the pupils made is outstanding and the video is also really funny!

Anatomical Body Painting - Dr Alice Roberts shared by

This is a really inspiring activity bringing art and biology together to learn about the internal organs in a human being.


Acid Rain shared by Gavin Smart

Watch this inspiring video of a grandad skyping with his nephew's Y7 class to bring some real-life experience in the topic of acid rain.

Slow Motion Science shared by Andrew Jackson

This is an amazing series of experiments and demonstrations captured with a high frame rate camera. A truly spectacular set of videos to enjoy with your learners!

Banging Chemistry: Fast and Furious shared by Teachers TV

A fantastic set of chemistry demonstrations in this Teachers TV video.


Graphs Tell Stories shared by alessio

The gripping story of two 100m runners at the Olympic Games told through their distance-time graphs.

Our Universe and the Big Bang shared by Teachers TV

A very simple yet visual way to simulate redshift in light from receding galaxies.

Avalanches shared by BBC Class Clips

Get your learners to understand the principles behind the amazing natural phenomenon of avalanches with this great demonstration from the BBC Class Clips bank.

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