Second World War teaching resources

Using rich resources that encourage children’s empathy skills can make all the difference in teaching about Second World War . This collection has detailed lesson plans, sources of information, emotive images, audio interviews, film footage and display materials.

Lesson planning

DavidHowes1977 has shared his wonderfully detailed plans for KS2, together with a large range of supporting resources:

Medium Term Plan

Audio resource links

Lesson 1 timeline/reasoning

Lesson 2 air raids/blitz

Lesson 3 evacuees

Lesson 4 rationing

Lesson 5 ration cake recipe

Lesson 6 women in Second World War

More resources

What was it like for children to live in Second World War?

This resource includes a medium term plan, 12 lesson plans, an activity, worksheets and full colour pictures.

History Second World War Plans

Comprehensive lesson planning that covers all the topics and objectives for Second World War themes.

Topic Mat: Second World War Facts

A double-sided topic mat incorporating basic facts about Second World War with pictures. Designed for pupil reference, group discussion or display.

Evacuating London

Audio slide shows, interactive books and other resources about children’s experience of the war in London.

Drama on the theme of evacuation

The background context of evacuation during Second World War and ideas of drama activities to perform in groups.

Ethel and Ernest Second World War class assembly

A round up of the Second World War topic told with the back drop of Raymond Briggs’ ‘Ethel and Ernest’.


Aimed at Y5, this presentation has images and questions to get children thinking.

Children in Second World War

Lesson starters featuring footage of Second World War in colour. Clips are drawn from the home movies of British and German film-makers - to inspire pupils to think about the hardship British and German children experienced during war.

Second World War display labels

15 display labels with images and captions.

Dunkirk - A Second World War Story

This activity explores the events at Dunkirk by comparing a holiday beach scene with a war zone. Two worksheets support the pupils’ writing targets at Y 2, 3, 4 and 5.

People at War

A collection of teaching resources to explore the impact of the war on children, civilians and the armed forces. You can use the activities as they stand, or download the images and sources to create your own presentations and exercises.

D-Day - Information text

An attractive, colourful set of fact sheets providing information on D-Day. Ideal for linking literacy and history at Key Stage 2.

Second World War Timelines

Two high quality Second World War timelines for Y3/4 and Y5/6 outlining events, personalities and the Home Front. ActivStudio Flipchart format.

Second World War Timeline Display Cards

Display cards depicting the main events to affect the UK, from the end of First World War through Second World War and on to the end of rationing in 1954.

Leaders and countries involved in Second World War

Basic introductory presentation of leaders and countries involved in Second World War. Includes maps, images of leaders and brief information about each.

Second World War in words and pictures

War Witness takes a look at the ways in which the progress and the effects of war were captured for future generations to read about and view.

War Pictures

This excellent presentation helps KS1 children discover facts about the war with a series of pictures, observations and questions. Also includes posters showing the propaganda of the time.

Adolf Hitler

Interesting facts about the Nazi leader, including information about his family life as a child and his schooling.

Teaching the First World War

Commemorate the First World War centenary with these teaching resources and activities