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Last updated 3 September 2012

Our maths page highlights the best resources and the most valuable contributors on a regular basis. It's also an easy way to find maths resource collections and newsletters.

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Erasmusj , you have uploaded the most this week; thank you for sharing!

Teacher panel

A growing group of teachers representing their subject on the TES website

Featured Partner - Jonny Griffiths

A regular colomist in the TES, Jonny Griffiths is also the author of some of the most innovative and challenging post-16 resources around. If you haven't tried his RISP (Rich Starting Points in A Level Maths) series before, now is the time! Try this Odd One Out activity to get you started.

Weekly Highlights

Resource of the Week

Higher Active Maths Lessons

Lots of ideas and activites for engaging and challenging the more able students

Forum Discussion of the Week

Remarks - another scandal!

The debate about the GCSEs rages on!

Video of the week

Web Whizz Video 38 - Carom Maths

Maths Collections of the Week

Topic Special: Straight Line Graphs and Co-ordinates

10 hand-picked resources on Straight Line Graphs and Co-ordinates by the TES Maths Panel

Top 10 Maths Videos

A look at some of the best maths videos uploaded to TES over the last 12 months.

CIMT - GCSE Collection

I often forget just how good the CIMT GCSE resources are. Simply amazing.

Autograph Resources

Video of the week
Dice Simulation

A look at one of the very impressive Autograph Extras activities

Autograph Activity of the Week
Equation of a Circle

Use this free interactive online activity to investigate the equation of a circle.

Collection of the Week
Shape, Space and Measure

All your shape, transformation and angle needs satisfied in one place!

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TES Maths Collections Index

Index page of all TES Maths collections

Secondary Maths Page on TES

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level Maths

Maths Teachers TV

Videos for use in the Maths classroom.

Craig's Profile Page

Links to all of Craig's resources.

The latest Maths newsletter

Check out the 'Resource of the Week' and the latest Maths news

Articles on TES

Triumph with Tarsias

Maths teachers, it's time to join the jigsaw revolution

In his new role Craig Barton will bring attention to the thousands of top-quality Maths resources that are available on TES. He will pick out a "Resource of the Week" and record a video explaining why he likes it and suggesting ways it could be used. Craig has also created a Secondary Maths Collection Page which features themed collections of some of the best resources. To complement this page a fortnightly themed Maths Newsletter, written by him, will be sent out to subscribers highlighting resources.