Secondary Maths Collection 16 - Gifted and Talented

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

A lot of focus and resources in schools is often pushed in the direction of the middle-ability students. After all, they are the ones whose grades at GCSE are most likely to affect that all important C-D borderline statistic. The sad thing about this is that it often comes at the expense of the brighter students who, if not pushed, may find themselves bored, uninspired, and disaffected by their subjects. Maths is no exception. This can then lead to students not enjoying mathematics, underachieving and subsequently dropping the subject as quickly as they can once Year 11 is over. This would be a terrible shame. The aim of this bundle of resources is to challenge the brightest of students across all key stages, and to help them see that maths can be quite fun too.

Top 10 Resources:

Probability of One Event (MEP - Year 7 - Unit 21)

  • I love the MEP resources from CIMT. Each one has an “Activity” component full of rich, challenging ideas that are just right for stretching your most able students. The final Activity here is a great practical idea for investigating the probability of gambling.

Rich Maths Tasks to Engage at Key Stage 3

  • A very popular TES resource, and rightly so. A website crammed full of ideas for rich, engaging tasks. Well worth a look, or a revisit!

Starters Based on Camel Smoothie

  • I really like this resource. Students are given prompts to imagine things like how fast the worlds population is growing. It gives them a real sense of the magnitude of things, stretches their imaginations, and shows them that numbers are interesting!

Creativity in Maths

  • I selected this resource for the Maths Puzzles collection, but couldn’t resist putting it in here too as there are lots of excellent ideas for letting gifted and talented students express themselves mathematically.

Properties of Numbers Connect 4

  • As if Connect 4 wasn’t fun enough already, let’s chuck some properties of numbers into the mix! Challenging and fun.

Magic Squares for Special Occasions

  • Everyone loves a magic square, so who wouldn’t like one personalised for their birthday! Challenge your most able students to figure out exactly how the computer can produce these things, because the maths behind them is quite accessible.

Last Biscuit

  • A simple game that anyone can understand, but which only the best maths minds can find a strategy to win!


Quotes about maths for Wall Displays

  • Inspire your students with quotes about maths. The 23,000 people who have downloaded this resource cannot be wrong!


  • A set of really good, challenging activities. The only problem is that you need the Qwizdom software to use them fully. Excellent if you have it!

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