Secondary Maths Collection 7 - "Group Work in Mathematics"

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Group work in mathematics is a tricky one. At times students can see it as a “sit-off” and chaos without any real learning can ensue. However, when it is successful, group work is an extremely powerful learning tool. Students can often learn more from each other, and in different ways, than they do from the teacher, and may also embrace the freedom they have been given to produce some incredibly creative, high-quality work. Above all, when students are actively engaged in good group work, they are enjoying their mathematics. What follows is a selection of resources which will hopefully help foster a rich, positive and rewarding group work experience.

Top 10 Resources:

My Bedroom

  • Can your students design their dream bedroom? A brilliantly designed project that students love working together on. Lots of scope for extension and adaptation as well.

The Wizard Apprentice Trials

  • So much work has gone into this outstanding resource where students work together to complete a serious of mathematical tasks in order to fulfil their destiny!

Will my TV fit into my cupboard?

  • A nice group activity where students must work together to solve a practical, real world problem. This could also be a nice introduction to the lovely topic of 3D Pythagoras.

Murder Mystery Challenge

  • A nice simple group activity for younger students where students work together to try to figure out who has stolen the chocolate. Algebra, arithmetic, logic and good team work are needed here!


  • What a fantastic revision / group work activity! Students must use their drawing skills to get the rest of their team to guess key exam words. Student will love playing this, and learn a lot at the same time too!

Maths Investigations

  • One of the most popular maths resources ever on TES, and it’s not hard to see why. Loads of ideas for rich, challenging group work. Well worth another look.

Maths Murder Mystery

  • The second Murder Mystery of this Collection, and this time students must work together to decipher the hints to get to the bottom of the crime.

: Loci Activity - Operation Loci

  • A practical, loci group activity. I often find that by working together students are able to get to grips with this tricky topic much more easily.

Rounding and Estimating Rich Task

  • A really interesting way of looking at the (rather dull) topic of rounding and estimating. Students must work together in groups to figure out some seemingly impossible questions. Plenty of scope for extension and adaptation.


  • Nrich puzzles offer great opportunities for students to work together to share ideas in order to try and figure puzzles out. This is a particularly challenging one!

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