Secondary Maths Collection – Maths Geogebra Investigations

Secondary Maths Collection – Maths Geogebra Investigations

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

I will be honest from the outset – I prefer Autograph to Geogebra. I find that Autograph is much more intuitive and pedagogically sound, and it covers a far wider range of maths topics. However, there is no doubt that Geogebra is an incredibly impressive and powerful package, and of course it is completely free, which is today’s economic climate just about makes it essential software for all schools.

There are lots of Wikis around offering thousands of ready-made resources for Geogebra. However, the trouble with many of these are that they are designed for the American education system, and hence some of the terminology differs quite significantly from ours.
Thankfully, Laura Rees Hughes has come to the rescue, offering a series of practical guides and activities which will help you and your students make the most out of Geogebra.

Laura explains why she loves these resources and how to use them:

“There is nothing more rewarding than the students teaching themselves and that is exactly what software like GeoGebra allows you to do. Each resource consists of a manipulative GeoGebra file and a worksheet. The worksheet guides the students through the manipulative and poses several questions which should lead them to a great discovery! These can be easily adapted to suit your class with more or less scaffolding, then sit back and let the students do the hard work!”

Enjoy these fantastic resources, and please also take a moment to visit Laura’s Maths Blog as it is excellent!


Investigating Adding Fractions with Geogebra

Investigating Straight Line Graphs with Geogebra

Investigating Circle Theorems with Geogebra

Investigating Parallel Lines with Geogebra

Investigating Area and Circumference with Geogebra

Investigating Trigonometry with Geogebra


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