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Secondary Maths Collection –More Maths Collective Memory

Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Those of you who have attended one of my workshops or downloaded resources from my website will know that I am more than a little obsessed with Collective Memories. I think they are an absolutely fantastic way of revising topics or introducing new topics, they can be used with any age or ability of pupil, they promote positive co-operative learning in the classroom, and most importantly of all, the students love them.

For my own collection of Collective Memories, including information about how they can be delivered, click here.And I was delighted to see that Laura Rees Hughes has created her own outstanding set.

Laura explains why she loves these resources and how to use them:

“Collective memories are a great starter when introducing a new topic. You can provide the students with information about pretty much anything which they can then draw on later in the lesson. In any topic where they require formulae or a diagram this is a great way of making sure they have a copy of it without getting them to ‘just copy from the board’. In addition to this the students love it, especially if you introduce an element of competition. All this and you are improving their memory and retention skills!”


  • Pupils work in pairs
  • They take it in turns to come up and look at your copy of the ‘poster’
  • They can look at it for 30 seconds and then must go back to their desk and try to replicate the information
  • Allow them around 5 turns each (but you may alter this depending how it’s going)
  • Ensure that you get them to discuss their strategy for remembering the information
  • Afterwards discuss the information they have remembered and link this into the learning for the lesson

Enjoy these fantastic resources, and please also take a moment to visit Laura’s Maths Blog as it is excellent!


Ratio - Collective Memory


Simplifying Algebra – Collective Memory

Shape and Measures

Shapes and their Properties - Collective Memory

Angles in Simple Shapes - Collective Memory

Angles in Shapes – Collective Memory

Parts of a Circle – Collective Memory

Angles – Collective Memory

Imperial to Metric Conversions - Collective Memory

Trigonometry – Collective Memory


Drawing a Bar Chart – Collective Memory

Cumulative Frequency – Collective Memory

Data Handling Cycle – Collective Memory

Data Handling Cycle (Key Stage 4 ) – Collective Memory

Probability – Collective Memory


Grade B Topics - Collective Memory

Grade C Topics – Collective Memory

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