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I am forever looking for ways to make revision for GCSE interesting. You are faced with the eternal problem that students (despite their protests) have seen all the material before, so it is imperative that if revision is to be meaningful and effective that it is to be covered in a different and engaging way.

Well, how about this for a solution. Paul Collins has created this amazing set of Table Sheets, aimed at both Foundation and Higher students. I trialled them out with my Year 10 class, and they went down a treat.

Here is Mr Collins himself to explain more:

”I created my set of Mathematics ‘table sheets’, of which there are 34, in order to provide an engaging alternative to GCSE Revision. Too often I witnessed GCSE classes being given past paper after past paper in order to revise for their Mathematics GCSE examinations. I feel my sheets provide a welcome change to this routine and each time I have used them they have been greeted with great enthusiasm.

The sheets work best with Higher Tier candidates although half of the questions on each sheet are aimed at the Foundation Tier. In order to aid student’s revision each sheet has a number line, BODMAS reminder and key formulae; the formulae are randomly spread throughout the sheets meaning that classes will need to support each other with their revision i.e. if somebody needs to use Pythagoras’ theorem and they have forgotten the formula for it they can ask the class who has it on their sheet. There is even the possibility of having a team challenge using the ‘Raymond’s Rovers’ and ‘Collins City’ team shirts in the top-right of each sheet

The sheets have been well received and each sheet enables students to progress through the GCSE levels as they work through the 10 questions. I hope they are of good use to others and for more information on how I’ve used them in my lessons please see my blog post…

Enjoy these fantastic resources, and please also take a moment to visit Paul’s excellent Blog full of fantastic teaching ideas

Raymond’s Rovers

Raymond’s Rovers 1

Raymond’s Rovers 2

Raymond’s Rovers 3

Raymond’s Rovers 4

Raymond’s Rovers 5

Raymond’s Rovers 6

Raymond’s Rovers 7

Raymond’s Rovers 8

Raymond’s Rovers 9

Raymond’s Rovers 10

Raymond’s Rovers 11

Raymond’s Rovers 12

Raymond’s Rovers 13

Raymond’s Rovers 14

Raymond’s Rovers 15

Raymond’s Rovers 16

Raymond’s Rovers 17

Collin’s City

Collin’s City 1

Collin’s City 2

Collin’s City 3

Collin’s City 4

Collin’s City 5

Collin’s City 6

Collin’s City 7

Collin’s City 8

Collin’s City 9

Collin’s City 10

Collin’s City 11

Collin’s City 12

Collin’s City 13

Collin’s City 14

Collin’s City 15

Collin’s City 16

Collin’s City 17

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