Secondary Maths Collection Topic Special: Surds

Topic Special: Surds

TES Secondary maths resource collections

Collection Author: Dave Gale, Maths Secondary Panel Member

The topic of surds explores the mysteries of irrational numbers and gives students a sense of how ‘neat’ maths is. The resources below begin by introducing square roots, then progress to different types of numbers and ways of manipulating surds. There are also some utility resources and proof activities.

Top 10 Resources:

Square Root Golf

  • This is a great little game that gets students very competitive. Good for helping students to understand square roots and leads nicely into the topic of surds.

Numbers are like Ogres - Layered

  • Use this resource to open students’ eyes to how numbers have developed and, in particular, recap that fractions are always recurring or terminating decimals. What sort of decimal numbers does that leave for irrational numbers? The layer of Complex numbers has been included as a teaser for motivated students.

Manipulating Surds PowerPoint

  • Once students are aware of the possibility of irrational numbers, this is a good way to introduce multiplying and dividing surds. Plays on the surprise value that √2 x √8 = (exactly) 4. This powerpoint has a lovely ‘square roots’ image that I’ll be using from now on!

N11 Manipulating Surds

  • Continuing to develop student’s familiarilty and competence with surds. This is a really well thought out lesson plan with T/F cards and a set of ‘show that’ cards too. I’ve used this resource many times in lessons.

Tarsia – Simplifying Surds

  • I always find that jigsaws make a welcome break from text books or worksheets. This set of three jigsaws has students practising the most common ways of simplifying surds.

Surds Stuff – Background PowerPoint

  • A useful PowerPoint to have running as a loop in the background once students have started working through some practise questions. (Perhaps have this playing while students are doing the tarsia jigsaw above.)

Bingo - Surds

  • It’s bingo with simplification of surds! All set up for you so you just have to print some bingo cards and get on with it. Truly excellent.

Surds Key Facts Placemat

  • Placemats are used quite a lot in primary schools as a way of having easy access to key facts. This is a surds version which you could print out and maybe get laminated so students can refer to them while working through some questions. Try it: you’ll be surprised how quickly students adapt to not having to ask you for help as their first port of call. You could use this as a poster.

Proof that √2 is Irrational

  • At some point in the teaching of surds, someone always asks how you can be so sure that irrational numbers never recur or terminate. This is a power point that gives you the structure to prove that √2 is irrational. You’ll definitely need to talk the students through it and you’ll probably lose some of them but when an opportunity for a mathematical proof presents itself you’ve got to give it a go!

Using Surds to prove an Origami Kite

  • Once your students are proficient with surds, this is a great little challenge for seeing if they can create a mathematical proof. It’s quite tough but not beyond the realms of possibility!

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