Share with your friends Competition

Share 350,000 resources with your friends

Thank you to everyone who took part in this competition. We invited you to share the 350,000 teaching resources on TES with your colleagues and friends. Here are the winners…

Top recommenders

Each member wins £1,000 for recommending the most people who joined TES!

Judith McHugh-Clark (ryshsc33), Maths teacher at Orange Park Junior High in Florida, USA.

“I recommended TES to my colleagues because of the site’s wealth of teacher-generated and teacher-tested ideas on a broad range of topics. TES is easy to access, and teaching ideas on my main areas of interest are frequently sent directly to me by email. Most of my colleagues in America had never heard of TES, they became interested when I began forwarded teaching ideas I had found on the TES site. TES being free is a bonus in these economically difficult times. Personally, I like TES as it keeps me current with teaching trends in the UK.”

Daniel Sutton (Dan65), Junior School Science Teacher and School Daily Organiser at St Patrick's College, Ballarat, Australia.

“I have been using the TES website since October last year as a source of ICT materials for the classroom, and due to its broad range of available resources I thought it would be an ideal starting point for any teacher that was looking for new classroom resources. Although the resources are aligned for the UK education standards they are applicable for all education professionals.

TES is unique among educational resource websites in that it offers resources that have been 'field tested' by teachers like yourself. As all resources are free and unlocked; you are able to adapt them to your needs so that they are totally relevant to the topic you’re teaching and the country you are located in, something that often cannot be said of other pay for resource websites. This is the main reason I promoted this site within my school.”

Rachael Walton (SpecialRach), Senior Teacher and ICT Coordinator at Cleaswell Hill School in Northumberland, UK.

“I recommended TES to my friends so they could use it for resources, and those who are trainee teachers/thinking about teachers so they could access articles and forums that might be relevant to them. I work in a very friendly, lovely place where people are open to advice and keen on professional development including finding out where to access good material related to our work.”

Stephanie Lindal (maldizzee), Student Teacher at University of Victoria, Canada.

“I like that it is easy to upload lessons, that I can find other lessons, and that there are job opportunities too”.

Jacqueline Batchelor (jacquibatch) Lecturer at the Department of Science and Technology Education, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

"Our education students as future teachers are currently involved in developing their own professional identity and therefore are encouraged to establish an online presence and to join communities that will advance their professional development and in the process improve their own teaching and learning practice. The majority found TES to be the most aligned to their needs and subsequently joined the community. As members of TES they can now actively search for resources and follow other members with similar interests and seek clarification on matters and in this way they build their personal network and learn from other passionate teachers.

We found TES to be a welcoming and caring community and the student teachers had no reservations in joining after their initial survey. They found the instructions clear and the navigation to be intuitive. The learning areas are also familiar to them and arranged in a similar way to their own national curriculum."

Weekly prize draw winners

Each member wins £500!

James Parkin (JJparki) who recommended Souhaila Rouas (souhailarouas1)

Mihail Karaghiaur (Rimbaud) who recommended Ofelia Dogaru (desene1)

Judith McHugh-Clark (ryshsc33) who recommended Jamie Salem (jrsalem)

Susana González (susigo) who recommended Catalina Cortés Castrillón (catac)

Pagona Blassis (PagonaBlassis) who recommended Mohsen Afkari (afka)

Jameel Anjum (jameelanjum) who recommended Doaa Reda (doaareda)