Sharing resources - dos and don'ts

Help others find your resources on TES more easily and ensure they get the most out of them by following these guidelines.

N.B. This is a quick guide – read the 'Win Christmas on us' competition's full terms and conditions.

Make your resource substantial

v DO make sure you attach at least one file (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to your resource

x DON'T upload just a web link to other resources' websites

Categorise your resource

v DO make sure the content you upload is appropriate for the intended target audience and learning objective

v DO map your resource to an appropriate key stage/subject/topic on the site

Give your resource a meaningful and distinct title

v DO give your resource a meaningful title and description (including, where necessary, details such as learning objective and how to use the resource)

x DON'T forget to give your resource a title, or put a meaningless or vague title that doesn't explain what the resource is to other users

x DON'T use the same title for multiple resources

The resource should be your own creation

v DO make sure the resources you share are your own creation.

x DON'T upload resources from more than one contributor under the same username. Joint entries are not allowed.

The resource should be unique

x DON'T upload multiple versions of the same resource that have only negligible differences between them.

x DON'T use an online generator/template/macro to create your resources

The resource should make sense in isolation

x DON'T split your resources into multiple documents and upload them as individual resources if they do not make sense in isolation


1) We retain the right to disqualify individual resources that do not meet our terms and conditions

2) We reserve the right to disqualify users from promotions completely if they continually upload ineligible resources

If in doubt, please contact for further guidance

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