Socrative Science GCSE Quizzes

This collection is a series of highly interactive and exciting revision quizzes and short answers questions that you can use to involve and engage the whole class. The revision activities are aimed at Yr11 revision (age 15-16) and they are suitable for the current GCSE exams as well as for the new exams starting in 2013.

The quizzes and short answer tasks are all Socrative activities that you can import in your Socrative Room. Socrative is a free Web 2.0 Tool that allows you to get your learners to join your room without the need of registering. When you run the quizzes all learners can answer the questions at their own pace and the teacher sees how each team is progressing on their Teacher’s Room. At the end of the activity you can download, or email, the report on your computer in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to map very quickly the responses of each individual learner, so that you can plan for more personalized actions and targets.

If you are not familiar with Socrative you will find the video below really useful. More information on how to import quizzes is explained clearly in each pdf lesson plan, where you can find the codes to import the quizzes too.

This collection was put together by our Science Adviser Alessio, whom you can follow on Twitter @TESScience and/or contact via email, and by Gavin Smart (member of the TES Science Teacher Panel) whom you can contact via email or on Twitter @gavinsmart

Socrative Space Questions video

GCSE Biology

Socrative: Enzymes Quiz

Socrative: Animal and Plant Cells

Socrative: Cell Division and Inheritance

Socrative: Movement in and out of cells

Socrative: Inherited Diseases

GCSE Physics

Socrative: Motion Graphs

Socrative: Static Electricity

Socrative: Electrical Circuits

Socrative: Mains Electricity

Socrative: Nuclear Reactions

GCSE Chemistry

Socrative: Electrolysis

Socrative: Atomic Structure

Socrative: Rates of Reaction

Socrative: Chemical Bonding

Socrative: Additional Chemistry


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