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Explore best practice in special needs teaching by browsing our resource collections, all created and recommended by SEN teachers and SENCOs.


Developing Motor Skills

  • Help your students improve their gross, fine and oral motor skills with this useful selection of ideas and activities.


  • A diverse group of resources, all with activities and ideas linked to the Paralympic Games.

Supporting spelling

  • A selection of strategies and ideas to help your students improve their spelling.

Workstation ideas

  • Easy-to-use guidance and activities linked to workstation use and TEACCH.

Deaf awareness

  • A diverse selection of resources looking at raising awareness of deaf pupils and how they can be supported within the classroom.

Autism awareness

  • A special selection of resources to support the teaching of pupils with autism across different age ranges and settings.

Inspiring reluctant writers

  • A whole lot of ideas to get you and your pupils inspired! Includes ideas for visual literacy, using web tools and so much more!

Spring has sprung

  • Lots of seasonal resources and ideas, covering a number of areas of SEN and different age groups, that might be useful in your classroom!

Music magic with makaton

  • A selection of videos with supporting sign language that encourage participation in a fun but structured way.

Getting to grips with money

  • A collection of highly rated resources that support this important life skill: from developing simple coin recognition to beginning to manage money appropriately.

Essential information: P scales

  • Great SEN based guidance and ideas to support planning and assessment across a number of subjects.

Make maths count

  • A handy selection of maths resources, from P-Scales to interactive items to use in your classroom.

Symbol based activities and resources

  • A set of symbol based ideas, including a mixture of Widgit and PCS symbols.

Sign language for your classroom

  • A selection of resources that can help develop a sign language friendly environment. From videos offering advice to great printables - it’s all here!

Let’s get cooking

  • Lots of recipes, plans and other useful items that will support cookery in the SEN classroom through the use of symbols, photos and step by step approaches.

Sensory matters

  • A selection of items designed to help you undertake multisensory activities and approaches within your classroom.

Symbol support for your classroom

  • Symbols are useful across many classroom areas including communication, organisation and managing behaviour. Here’s a selection to get you started!

Visual timetable resources

  • A super selection of different visual timetable resources: with symbols, photographs, clip art and illustrations.

Supporting learning through technology

  • Making use of assistive technology and web resources has always been important in settings where pupils might need extra support.

Autism Spectrum resources

  • This collection of resources offers information for teaching professionals, along with advice and strategies to aid inclusion of ASD pupils.

Moderate learning difficulties resources

  • The category of MLD is wide ranging. These resources can be used in a variety of contexts.

Visual support

  • These resources give clear visual support to pupils, often incorporating PCS, Widgit or sign language symbols.

Working with pupils with BESD

  • This collection covers a range of teacher needs, and offers support for helping pupils with EBD to make steady progress.

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