Spring teaching resources


Planting a spring patio pot

A step-by-step guide to planting a patio pot with photo support.

Seasons photo presentations

Slideshows with high-quality photos that could be used as discussion points or to introduce a topic.

Preparing for calving

This video shows a farmer fetching in his cattle ready for calving in the spring, then goes on to show how piglets are born all year round.

Spring flowers

A PowerPoint lesson looking at various types spring flowers. Includes clearly presented photos and simple questions.

Spring time display pack

Beautiful collection of photos with captions and springtime words.

Early Years

April showers: lambs, wild flowers, potatoes

A short video on what happens on a farm at spring time.


A selection of slides containing images, poems and text on the changes that happen during spring.

Sing for spring

Introduce the new season with these spring-themed songs and poems.

Growing wild flowers

Tips for introducing wild flowers into your school grounds.


Using our senses in spring

A good way of getting pupils to think about the elements throughout the year and how their senses work.

Spring PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation on what happens in nature during spring.

Seeds and plant growth discovery pack

Explore the world of seeds and plant growth this spring.

Life cycles

A wide selection of seasonal activities based on spring and life cycles.


Nature in spring

A video from the RSPB illustrating what we can expect from nature during spring.

Spring landscape

Explore the outdoors and experience the changes taking place during spring with this selection of resources from the Woodland Trust.

Spring borders

Page borders for use in spring themed art or English lessons.

Sycamore crossword

Solve the clues to complete this seasonal crossword.


Wordsworth - Daffodils

Explore the symbolism of nature in Wordsworth’s Daffodils.

Deer management

Find out about the life cycle and habitats of deer in the UK and how their populations are managed.

Life cycle of a plant

PowerPoint presentation on the main parts of a plant and their uses.