St Patrick’s Day teaching resources

St Patrick’s Day (17 March) celebrates the patron saint of Ireland as well as Irish culture with a feast, music, dancing and all things green. Find out about the legend of St Patrick and discover Gaelic culture in Ireland and around the world with our collection of free resources, including lesson plans, assemblies and activities.


Story of St Patrick

The tale of how St Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland.

St Patrick’s day over 21 great things to do

A slideshow brimming with ideas on how to get everyone involved in this iconic celebration.

Famous Irish people and quotes

Great starting point for a discussion on the Emerald Isle and her most feted progeny.

St Patrick’s Day

A simple PowerPoint presentation introducing St Patrick and how 17 March is celebrated.


Talking about St. Patrick

Practise organisation and communication skills in a St. Patrick’s themed activity.

Recording the story of St Patrick

Use this simple writing frame for pupils to record facts about St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember St Patrick

A simple sheet with picture hints to consolidate what pupils have learned about the day.

Irish folk tales

Explore and examine the conventions of Irish folk tales using this PowerPoint presentation.

St Patrick’s Day activities

A pack of activities to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, including a word search, flashcards, drawing and writing.

Fun and Games

Riddle me this

Fun Irish riddles to keep up the Gaelic theme.

Wish someone a good St. Patrick’s Day

A card template for students to give to a loved one.

Take-away St. Patrick’s story

Pupils can draw and write about all things Gaelic in this folding booklet.

Irish-themed pencil skills

A set of activities with an Irish theme designed to help pupils develop pencil skills.