St Valentine's Day teaching resources

Love is a passion that has taken men to war, changed the course of English history and inspired some of our greatest works of literature. Explore this very human condition and the origins of St Valentine’s Day with this timely collection of free lesson ideas, assemblies and activities shared by the TES teaching community.


The story of St Valentine

An assembly presentation and discussion activity on the origins of the St Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day assembly

Learn about St Valentine’s Day traditions around the world and the meaning behind the special day.

History of St Valentine’s Day

This PowerPoint presentation includes simple background information on Valentine’s Day.


Fun facts about Valentine’s Day

Learn some interesting information about Valentine’s Day with this quick quiz activity.

Valentine’s wordsearch

Print this simple wordsearch for your class and see if they can find all of the Valentine’s vocab.

Valentine’s Day card design

This printable template is for pupils to use in their design of a St Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine’s linguistics

This compilation of language puzzles is perfect for a quick Valentine’s starter.


St Valentine’s Day card- area and perimeter

Find the area and perimeter of the heart design, plus find the percentage of the card that is taken up.


Matching exercise for Valentine’s Day

Encourage pupils to write a poem in French for Valentine’s Day plus a matching exercise to prepare the poem.

Valentine’s listening

For a listening activity, try this transcript to go with the video on BBC Ma Langue.

The future tense

Revise the future tense in French with this worksheet including a poem to be changed from present to future.


Valentine’s day Spanish

This printable list of phrases will enable students to compile a Valentine’s card.

Spanish love-letter scaffold

Students will have fun writing love letters in Spanish and then translating them.


German logic puzzle for Valentine’s day

After reading the clues you should be able to work out who is going out with who.

Ein Valentinsgedicht

This PowerPoint presentation will get pupils to create their own poems for Valentine’s Day.

German vocabulary for Valentine’s Day

Teach your class some essential vocabulary for Valentine’s Day in Germany.