Starting a new teaching job

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  • When should you get your contract?

    You might have been expecting to get your contract before you started at the school, but actually after being in post for a month you still haven’t had anything in writing about your job. Does this mean that they aren’t sure about having you?
  • Starting as an NQT

    Congratulations on starting on the first steps to teaching, a great career. It is exciting, and needn’t be too scary as there will be people to help you…

  • Get yourself organised

    You are just starting a new job. You might even be starting a new career. Congratulations in either case! One day you will be retiring, and both then and along the way it will be very useful to have all your employment paperwork neatly organised. So this is the way that I suggest that you do it…

  • What do I do with my payslip?

    First job, first payslip this afternoon.Yay! But - what does it all mean, and what do you do with it?

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