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Advice to help you find a job in a support role in education.

TES has launched a new service specifically for jobseekers looking for non-teaching jobs in schools and education in general. So if you're looking for a job as a teaching assistant, school librarian, cover supervisor, PA, school nurse, examiner or indeed any support role in education you’ll find all the advice you need here.

Classroom support roles

Cover supervisors, literacy workers, support managers and technicians all come under the umbrella classification of classroom support. Find the latest classroom support roles advertised on TES and get more information on the qualifications and skills you need to get a job in classroom support.

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School administration roles

Administrative and office jobs in school run the gamut from PA to the headteacher through to examiner or data manager. Find out if the role is for you and get information on the latest admin and office jobs available on TES.

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School facilities roles

Librarians, premises managers, cleaners and catering staff are all vital to the smooth running of a school. If you decide a job working in school facilities is for you, this page will advise you on the qualifications and skills you need, the salary level you can expect and the career opportunities open to you.

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Pastoral/welfare roles

Pastoral/welfare jobs in schools cover a variety of responsibilities and roles ranging from school nurses and housemasters in independent schools through to educational psychologists and behaviour specialists. However all staff with pastoral responsibilities should have the skills and knowledge to provide effective pastoral care and that covers both academic attainment and developing pupils’ ability to become good citizens.

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HLTA and TA roles

Start here if you're looking to get a job as a Teaching Assistant or a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. We've got advice on what what qualifications and skills you need to become a TA, insight into the pay and conditions you can expect and tips on how to progress up the career ladder. You'll also find links to all the TA and HLTA jobs advertised on TES and free resources to download to help you succeed in your role.

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