Teacher Exchange Programme

Ever wondered what it is like to teach abroad, but feel a bit worried about venturing out on your own? The safety net of a teacher exchange programme could be just the thing for you. You won’t have to give up your job or your salary; you simply do a temporary job swap with a teacher from abroad. At the end of it all, you return to your job and they return to theirs.

There are a number of organisations offering teacher exchange programmes; each one will have slightly different terms and conditions. Here are a few to get started:

UK/US Fulbright teacher exchange programme, through which UK teachers of any subject and any phase can swap jobs for a year with a US counterpart. Funding is available to cover travel costs. There are also work-shadowing opportunities for head teachers, managers and specialists in education (3-6 weeks). Find out more http://www.britishcouncil.org/learning-fulbright-what-is-fulbright-uk-us-teacher-exchange.htm

The League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers run a variety of exchange visits, some for as little as three weeks, some for a term, some for a year. The aim is to develop links; gather material for course work; and to develop cultural awareness and language skills. Teachers, heads and administrators can apply. So far LECT has arranged exchanges with 25 countries in five continents, including Australia and Canada.
Find out more http://www.lect.org.uk/

Teacher International Professional Development programmes (TIPD) are funded by the DfES. There are essentially two schemes: LEA-led study visits from a week to 10 days for groups of teachers - applications must go through the LEA - and school-determined study visits which are handled by the Specialist Schools Trust and which must involve a minimum of two teachers.

Goldsmiths mid-career refreshment grants. Awards of up to £3,000 are available to primary or secondary school teachers for foreign travel to enhance personal development. Find out more http://www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/education/grants_for_teach.htm

Through the Central Bureau modern languages teachers in full-time jobs in secondary schools can swap jobs with a teacher in another part of Europe - Austria, France, Germany, Spain or Switzerland. The exchange, during which you take over the other teacher’s timetable, lasts for anything from three weeks to a year. Find out more http://www.centralbureau.org.uk/