Teacher retirement advice organisations

Advice, information and support

Teacher Support Network http://www.teachersupport.info/

Teachers’ Retirement Agency http://www.teachersretirementagency.co.uk/

Relate http://www.relate.org.uk/

Cruse http://www.crusebereavementcare.org.uk/

Citizens Advice Bureau http://www.citizensadvice.co.uk/


Money matters

Teachers’ Pensions http://www.teacherspensions.co.uk/

Information and advice for everyone thinking about retirement www.thepensionservice.gov.uk


Adventure and voluntary work after retirement

Pay at local rate and usually a two year commitment www.vso.org.uk

Minimum 12 week voluntary placement in orphanages, journalism, teaching, farming and medicine www.changingworlds.co.uk

Volunteer and teaching placements for all ages.  Duration from one to 24 weeks www.i-to-i.com

Opportunities to support research projects for four to 20 weeks, mainly conservation based. www.frontier.ac.uk

One year commitment to help those in less well developed countries www.concern.net

Share your skills www.skillshare.org

Volunteer development in England www.vde.org.uk

Community service volunteers www.csv.org.uk

UNIFEM is the voice of women at the United Nations. They support women’s humans rights, status and economic security. Find out about working as an education presenter.


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