Teachers TV: KS3 Maths lesson starters, Geometry

This collection of KS3 Maths lesson starters all look at the topic of geometry.

Teachers TV: Secondary Maths KS3 lesson starters - Geometry

This collection of KS3 Maths lesson starters all look at the topic of geometry.

The videos can be used at the beginning of a lesson in order to to pose geometrical problems, and to get students thinking about gemoetry in the context of the wider world.

Durham Cathedral

Architecture and KS3 Maths - The Floor Plan of Durham Cathedral

How do you measure the floorplan of a cathedral using a simple compass?

Architecture and KS3 Maths - Measuring Height in Durham Cathedral

The challenge is to measure one of Durham Cathedral's towering columns, using rope, a metre rule and similar triangles.

Architecture and KS3 Maths - Symmetry and Circumference in Durham Cathedral

Discover hidden symmetry in Durham Cathedral, and how to find the circumference of one of the columns.

Architecture and KS3 Maths - Finding the Golden Ratio in Durham Cathedral

Investigating the proportions in Durham Cathedral and the ratios that are very similar to the golden ratio.

Architecture and KS3 Maths - Hidden Patterns in Durham Cathedral

Mathematical challenges and brain teasers which are linked to some magical number patterns.



Maths expert Isaac Anoom goes to the seaside to pose questions about the properties of triangles and gives some helpful clues and answers.

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