Teachers TV: Primary science lesson starters - Living things

These videos are intended to introduce pupils the the topic of ‘Living things’.

Teachers TV: Primary Science lesson starters - Living things

This is a collection of free video lesson starters for use in science. (Ages 7-11).

These videos are intended to introduce pupils the the topic of living things.

Full-length videos

Teeth, springs, rocks and other topics

A range of primary science lesson starters, including ones covering living things.

Changing state, micro-organisms and other topics

Seven lesson starters for use on the interactive whiteboard. Each starter introduces a different science topic through documentary or drama.

Humans and other animals

Science stories

Follow Alex as he visits a farm and learns some key scientific concepts through his encounters with a pig and some lambs.

Muscles: Using a longbow

A short clip, particularly ideal for Year 4 pupils, showing how the muscles work together to make our bodies move.

Work on the Farm

This video shows a group of children visiting a farm, perfect for use with pupils in primary science.


Habitats and food chains: Fox and hedgehog

A comic dramatisation that can be used to demonstrate how a food chain works and how it can be disrupted.

Micro-organisms: Making bread and cheese

A short clip shows how micro-organisms can help us to produce some of the foods we like to eat. Ideal for use as a lesson starter.

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