Teachers TV: Primary Science lesson starters - Physical world, Sound

These video lesson starters for Primary Science all look at the topic of sound - how it works, and how we can hear it.

Teachers TV: Primary science lesson starters - Physical world, sound

These free video lesson starters for primary science all look at the topic of sound - how it works, and how we can hear it.

They can be used at the beginning of a lesson to pose questions and to get your class thinking about the topic.

How sound works

Changing sounds

A professional drum group show some children how the pitch is affected by the size and the tightness of the drum skins.

How to muffle sound

This lesson starter prompts children to think about how well different materials muffle sound.

Sound: Changing pitch - Playing the guitar

A short clip showing how using different length guitar strings can change the pitch of the sound produced.

Hearing sound

Primary science: Sound and hearing

Five imaginative lesson starters that introduce the subject of sound and hearing.

Listening to sounds

Lots of close-up pictures of everyday items together with their sounds provide a stimulus for children to think about their auditory world.

Describing sounds

A professor tests the effect different sounds have on his assistant. How loud are the sounds and do they make her feel happy or sad?

How we hear

This lesson starter helps children recognise that our ears give information about where sounds are coming from.

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