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Lesson Starters - Materials

This is a collection of lesson starters for use in KS2 Science.

These videos are intended to introduce pupils the the topic of ‘Materials’.

Full Length videos

Teeth, Springs, Rocks and Other Topics

  • A range of KS2 science lesson starters, including ones covering ‘Materials’.

Changing State, Micro-Organisms and Other Topics

  • Seven lesson starts for use on the interactive whiteboard. Each starter introduces a different science topic through documentary or drama.

Changing State

Evaporation and Condensation: Robinson Crusoe Makes Drinking Water

  • A short clip providing an imaginative context for investigating the purification of water, using evaporation and distillation.

Grouping Materials

Properties of Fabrics: The Cross-Country Run

  • A short clip using an amusing scenario to explore the properties of fabrics. Ideal for use as a lesson starter in KS2 science.

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