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Lesson Starters - Physical World: Force and Motion

These video lesson starters for KS2 Science all look at the topic of Force and Motion - pushes and pulls, and friction.

They can be used at the beginning of a lesson to pose questions and to get your class thinking about the topic.

Force and Motion

Primary Science: Forces - Pushes, Pulls and Friction

  • Five lesson starters provide some amusing introductions to the subject of forces.

Pushes and Pulls

Pushing and Pulling

  • This lesson starter helps children identify objects which may be moved by pushing and pulling.

Stopping Moving Objects

  • Archive film of a demolition ball at work shows how moving objects can be highly dangerous.

Changing Movement by Force

  • Watching the dough-making process shows that pushing and pulling can change the shape of an object.

Forces: Rocket Launch

  • Launching empty plastic bottles into space is a fun way to demonstrate how much air pressure is needed to move objects of varying size.

Friction and Resistance

Sliding Objects

  • Two tug-of-war teams compete. A big guy is by himself on one team and is just wearing socks. His two opponents are wearing trainers. Who will win and why?

Air Resistance

  • The air resistance of different size parachutes are tested when they are attached to eggs and then dropped from the top of a ladder to see what happens.

Reducing Friction: Skid Pan

  • The basics of friction are explained by using different materials.

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