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Lesson Starters - Physical World: Light

These video lesson starters for KS2 Science all look at the topic of light - how it travels, and how it helps us to see.

They can be used at the beginning of a lesson to pose questions and to get you class thinking about the topic.

How light works

Questions About Light

  • This video looks at shadows, opaque and translucent materials, and light travelling in a straight line.

Theatre Lights

  • How light and colour can be used to create different moods on stage, and how spot lights create shadows.

Making Shadows

  • A shadowgraph theatre provides a good way to show how shadows are formed by blocking a light source.

How Light Travels

  • Eight robotic, moving lights, as used in rock concerts, show how light of different colours, shapes and patterns can be created and controlled.

Light and Seeing

Primary Science: Light - How We See Things

  • This video looks at light sources, how we see in the dark, making shadows, and how light travels.

Light and Seeing

  • A group of boys and girls have been blindfolded. With the light now excluded from their eyes, what will they make of a table full of party food?

Seeing in the Dark

  • How could a torch help find alost dog in the dark?

How We See Light

  • Meet Alex who is virtually blind. It is a congenital condition and means that any light that does enter his eyes is not processed correctly by his optic nerves.

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