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Lesson Starters - Physical World: Sound

These video lesson starters for KS2 Science all look at the topic of sound - how it works, and how we can hear it.

They can be used at the beginning of a lesson to pose questions and to get your class thinking about the topic.

How sound works

Changing Sounds

  • A professional drum group show some children how the pitch is affected by the size and the tightness of the drum skins.

How to Muffle Sound

  • This lesson starter prompts children to think about how well different materials muffle sound.

Sound: Changing Pitch - Playing the Guitar

  • A short clip showing how using different length guitar strings can change the pitch of the sound produced.

Hearing Sound

Primary Science: Sound and Hearing

  • Five imaginative lesson starters that introduce the subject of sound and hearing.

Listening to Sounds

  • Lots of close-up pictures of everyday items together with their sounds provide a stimulus for children to think about their auditory world.

Describing Sounds

  • A professor tests the effect different sounds have on his assistant. How loud are the sounds and do they make her feel happy or sad?

How We Hear

  • This lesson starter helps children recognise that our ears give information about where sounds are coming from.

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