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Secondary History Resources - Black History

This collection of Teachers TV videos can be used to teach Black History to KS3 or KS4 classes.

The resources can be used as starters to stimulate debate surrounding the various topics.

Black History in Britain

KS3 Britain’s Black History - The Obelisk

  • This KS3 lesson starter on black history highlights the contributions to British landmarks of people of African and Caribbean descent.

KS3 Britain’s Black History - Gold

  • Historian Tony Warner brings to light African and Caribbean influences on Britain, in this KS3 black history lesson starter on gold and Britain’s financial history.

KS3 Britain’s Black History - Coffee Houses and the Slave Trade

  • Learn about the growth in popularity of coffee and its connections with black history in Britain, in this lesson starter for use with KS3 pupils.

KS3 Britain’s Black History - Black Britons

  • This KS3 black history lesson starter video looks at the first black people to arrive in Britain, as early as the 16th century, and the role they played in British society.

Black History across the world

The Jazz Age

  • A focus on America’s history through archive footage.

Secondary History Lesson Ideas

  • Ideas on how to use these resources

Secondary Lesson Starters - History: The Holocaust


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