Teaching Assistants – Celebration Day, 29 November

Show your appreciation for education’s unsung heroes on Friday 29 November.Nominate a great TA and they could win an iPad

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Thank you to everyone who took part on Teaching Assistants’ Celebration Day by telling us which TA in your school you couldn’t do without and why, using the hashtag #LoveTAs.

Congratulations to Lucy Carr who won our prize draw to receive a shiny new iPad. Lucy was nominated by Rebecca Thomas on the TES Connect Facebook page. She nominated her TA Lucy Carr “for being so dedicated, caring and fair in her job.

#loveTAs: Celebrating education's unsung heroes – Check out our TA Day blog post

The best tweets on Teaching Assistants Day

It’s clear that TAs are hugely appreciated and loved. Here is a selection of some of your best tweets:

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Be prepared for the classroom with worksheets, posters and presentations created to help you inspire your students.

Janiceraux’s star resource
Balloons numbers and colours

Sarah6595’s star resource
Mini Beasts powerpoint

Rubyru22’s star resource
Worksheet for partitioning two digit numbers

Y6ta’s star resource
APP Level 4 targets maths poster

Cwilliams1982’s star resource
Egyptian powerpoint – Introduction

Alexharrison101’s star resource
Vertebrate/Invertebrate powerpoint

STICKS’ star resource
Lateral thinking

Julietteturner’s star resource
Portrait lesson Powerpoint

Melbowden’s star resource
Fraction Fun with Freddie

chocolateheaven19’s star resource
Alternative words to use instead of said