Teaching in Jordan

My name is Nicole Brand and I am currently teaching at The International Academy Amman in Jordan - The Queen of Jordan’s school.

My Class

I have 24 children in my class, all are Jordanian and all aged between 5 and 6 years old. The lessons are 40 minute slots and children go home at 2:40pm. We have club(activities) twice a week, but children only have to do one day. Each teacher has a Teachers Assistant and Reception has two TAs per class. (The TAs are mostly Arabic)

There are 375 learners in Primary. The staff are a wide range of nationalities including American, Australian, British, French, Russian, Dutch, South African , Canadian and local staff . The school don’t have that many expat learners, only the staff’s children. We use the British National Curriculum.

Teaching in Jordan

The experience is making me more open to different ideas and ways of teaching. I really value learning different teaching skills and strategies from different cultures and countries. I’ve learned so much in a short time. Also I really value the support I’m getting from the staff. There was a lot of pressure at first but there are lots of members of staff who are supportive and who helped me to settle in.  There are some really stunning people here. I think it is excellent for my professional and personal development, especially meeting people from all over the world and sharing traditions and culture.

Living in Jordan

Jordan is such a safe and friendly country. The local people always want to help out where they can. For a single lady travelling to a Middle Eastern country, I think Jordan is the best place to come as it is very Westernised here, but also still traditional. One thing to know is that Jordan is very expensive when it comes to clothes shopping and accessories, so I would advise that you are better to pay extra baggage weight on your airport luggage than buy clothes here. The quality of the clothes also isn’t good at all. Bring your clothes from home – you will definitely be better off in the long run.

For adventurous, sporty people Amman has lots to offer. I just got back from a hike they call the Wadi Mujib. Wow, it was amazing! You hike through a canyon; walking or rather swimming through water and repelling and abseiling down rocks. I’ve joined a group called Tareef Cycling. We do all the Wadi’s, hiking and cycling combined. I’ve done cycling trips from 25km’s to 60km’s and more.

If you like to run, there is a race here they call From Dead to Red. You get a team together and run from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea which is about 150miles! You can cycle as well. I did that last September. It was an amazing experience! There is also the Dead Sea race which includes an Ultra Marathon, a marathon, a half marathon and a10k. I did the 21km this year, which was an awesome experience. There are so many more places to visit too.  

I’ve met many people and made many friends here, both expat and Jordanian people. The people here are really very friendly. By being part of all the outdoor activities I have met so many different people and that makes it really worthwhile staying here. It definitely has to be up to you and the effort you put in to making new friends. It can be vey easy to be withdrawn in your only little world and just as easy to meet people. You just have to be willing to go out and try different things. 


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