Tell us why you love TES

Tell us why you love TES

Teachers around the world find inspiration on every day. Read why they can’t live without it:

"I'm very thankful for all of the wonderful resources that are posted up here. I recently used some "ice breaker" resources with the new students that recently joined our school. The intelligence & lateral thinking quizzes were a hit!"
Stephanie Scott stepctc

"@tesResources must be the best resources website for teachers out there - I cannot get over it! I'm just browsing and I think I could plan my whole GTP year from it."
Question Mark @Questionmark235

"@tesPrimary fantastic resources and your cheery tweeting disposition. You seem truly enthusiastic about primary in 160 characters or less!"
Arabella Alden @K_6Tweets

"@tesResources I love following you - great tweets and links."
MissBM @MissBex_M

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"Whoever came up with the idea for this site is a genius – I have saved so much money on buying teacher’s manuals and other resources and really feel part of a sharing community."
Loretta Browne lbrowne

Seriously, what did teachers do before TES? (Social) Life saver. @tesResources
Jennifer Lea @jennifer_lea

Thanks to @tesResources, I managed to rescue a last minute lesson plan from the depths of despair. Students responded well
TeacherToolkit @TeacherToolkit

Your turn to say ‘thank you’

If you use any of the thousands of teaching resources that have been shared on TES, then now’s your chance to say ‘thank you’ to the people who created them!

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