TES 1 June 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

TES 1 June 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

6 June

Film Education are organising free school screenings of Red Tails

Roscoe Brown

Black Pilots in the RAF


  • Key stage 1: D-day by picture - Use Widget_Software symbols to help pupils understand what Allied troops did to end WWII.
  • Key stage 2: Prejudice and people - Discuss issues of immigration and prejudice through exhibitions at the People's History Museum.
  • Key stage 3: Black of war - Explore how WWII was a turning point for African Americans in a presentation from allenk.
  • Key stage 4: RAF hit German targets - Use archive footage from Encyclopaedia Britannica to explore the RAF's role in D-day.
  • Key stage 5: Aircraft restoration - Help students show the story of yesteryear to the young of tomorrow with a video about the Royal Air Force Museum's apprenticeship programme from TESGA

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Seeing the funny side

Jonny Griffiths

What else?

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  • Teachers share activity ideas for a maths fun day in the TES Maths forum. Already on the list are ratio jellies, giant battleships and code breaking tasks.

In the spotlight - Show me the money

Money has been central to civilisation for thousands of years and its story is told in a new exhibition at the British Museum, in association with Citi.

What else?

Explore money management in the classroom for My Money Week (27 June – 1 July) with resource packs from Personal Finance Education Group

Resource of the week

  • Magical maths - maths126 (aka Stephen Froggatt) shares a manual of magical miracles to put some pizzazz into maths.

What lies beneath

Find more information about a range of the Natural History Museum's free school activities, or sign up for the teacher's e-newsletter

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Resource of the week

Teaching environment

Whether you're a new or experienced teacher to teaching GCSE environmental science craigbill's collection of PowerPoints is a useful starting point when planning the next academic year

In the spotlight - Waste no, want not

Book burning

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  • 'Why do you teach Of Mice and Men?'Some teachers choose it because it's short, others because there are strong characters and themes. Read the full discussion on the TES English forum.

Resource of the week - Zap! Pow! comic book classes!

  • With the Avengers, Amazing Spiderman and the Dark Knight Rises comic book fever is certainly hitting cinema screens this summer. Try mrwatt1's lesson pack > to get students studying them in the classroom

In the spotlight - The exciting book for boys

Mark McEvilly shares over 100 teaching ideas to keep boys interested and achieving in the classroom Download sample pages

Where on Earth?

You can purchase an up to date blow up globe of the world from the Geographical Association Shop £5.99 or £4.99 GA Members.

What else?

  • Download free teaching ideas which feature a blow up globe
  • Find aerial images of places in the world with Nasa's photographs
  • Join the geography champions blogging community to share thoughts about places and maps with other primary teachers
  • Explore the world through kyleb99's fictional postcards from around the world

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Resource of the week

Shout it out - Youth Amplified is a new website with cross-curricular educational resources to help young people develop confidence in speaking out about the issues that matter to them.

In the spotlight - Pets win prizes

National Pet Month is over, but that's no reason to stop raising awareness about animal welfare. To encourage responsible pet ownership the National Pet Month charity is asking schools to get involved in their competition. £200 to spend on books for yourself and your class and a chance to see your lesson plan published on the new Pet Education resources website and on TES Resources

To play is to know

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  • Music teachers are dreaming of unlimited budgets in the TES Music forum - they ask what music technology products would you buy if money were no object?

Resource of the week - With a bang of the drum

TES content partner Artis Education's new activity Clap and Click encourages pupils to develop concentration and coordination skills.

Artis Education

In the spotlight - Eat well for good health

TES content partner GrainChain share over 120 food tech resources to inspire students to eat a healthy and balanced diet and to cook food from scratch.

Memory joggers

Isabelle Jones blog

What else?

Help students develop their speaking skills with Audacity,Text-to-speech, Cue prompter and Linelearner

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Resource of the week - El cine

Neil Jones shares 2 superb worksheets to help students speak about films they've seen.

  • El cine Worksheet 1: Descripciones de películas en español includes a matching translation activity where students must find the English translation for sentence openers in Spanish. Worksheet 2: Mis Opiniones is a prompt sheet to help students express their opinions.

Contributor of the week

TES user Sarah2009 has shared over 200 French, German and Spanish resources on TES. While some of the tasks focus on revising grammar and vocab many develop skills and word recognition through engaging contexts.