TES 11 May 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

TES 11 may 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary donations from individuals, governments, institutions and corporations, and is not funded by the UN budget. For more information


  • Key stage 1: A child needs -Help pupils understand the difference between what they want and what they need with a sorting activity from UNICEF UK
  • Key stage 2: Lego legacy - Explore how wealth is distributed and identify the most impoverished countries with Elles89's lego lesson
  • Key stage 3: A picture of Uganda - Show students the often harsh day-to-day reality for people living in Uganda with images from Oxfam's media archive show.
  • Key stage 4: Lucky escape - While Catherine has the chance to carry the Olympic flame, many Ugandan children are not so lucky. Investigate the issue of children forced to be soldiers with CAFOD's resource pack.
  • Key stage 5: What's life like - Want to know how much your students know about life in developing countries? Concept check with a quiz from ChristianAid

Check out the Olympics collection on TES for more London 2012 - inspired resources.

The Eureka moment

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Mathematical conundrums

  • Giving maths a fun slant, Brady Haran (for the University of Nottingham [SUB NOTE: He did these for the Uni, he is not from there]) alias TES content partner, Numberphile has created a selection of videos exploring obscure number problems.

Resource of the week

Average win


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  • Get pupils and colleagues excited with some 'WOW' ideas for an inset as suggested by science teachers on the TES Science forum.

In the Spotlight - Vegetarian week

Vegetarian week (21-27 May) is a good excuse to enlighten students about vegetarian lifestyles.Check out more resources from the Vegan Society on TES.

Resource of the week

LogOn to success

LogOn science's new apps contain around 10,000 exam questions for AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR core and additional sciences.

Controlled assessment makes wardens of teachers

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Perfect phonics

The new statutory year 1 phonics screening begins this summer (June 18-22), and finding a great range of phonics resources has never been more urgent. Try these ideas to prepare your pupils.

  • Dandelion books - Phonic Books Ltd has a range of texts to help pupils move from phonics phase 2 to 5
  • Espresso - Based on the DfE's sequence of letters and sounds, Espresso, with literacy consultant Gill Budgell has produced a number of videos to introduce and reinforce phonics teaching in the classroom

What else?

TES phonics adviser, Mr Thorne shares a number of videos and flash card sets to help prepare for the phonics screening check. He has also selected the top twenty teacher-made phonics resources on TES on his superstar phonics page.

Moderate Learning Difficulties

Lesson study

What else?

  • For inspiration for an inclusive history classroom check out the MLD history resources on TES
  • ttrb's research about teaching strategies for pupils with learning difficulties will help you understand what works for the different students you encounter

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  • We've put a shout out on the TES Special Needs forum for new resource collections. We'd like to know what you'd like us to develop so why not have your say

Resource of the week

Olympics and usy

TES partner TrueTube shares a series of short videos produced by young people from East London which question the impact the Olympics may have on their local area.

In the Spotlight: Global Wallplanner

Ig you missed this week's TES, order your wallplanner here


Sir Mark Grundy is Executive Principal of Shireland Collegiate Academy and a member of the judging panel for O2 Learn

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  • You'll find some handy OCR GCSE Computing revision tips on theTES ICT forum

In the Spotlight

Comic caricatures

In the Spotlight - Trading the way to Texas

Street Smart Sellers, a team of young entrepreneurs from Surrey, were hailed Britain's best young traders of 2012 last week (4 May) after defeating Team Synergy in CBBC's Trade Your Way to the USA series.

A resource a day helps you inspire and engage every day. Find a topical resource for every day of the week.

Teenagers telling tales

  • For more information, contact Alison Scott – at the ILRC: Telephone 01454 868029

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  • MFL teachers are up in arms on the TES MFL forum, they want to know why so many language teachers believe the MFL GCSE is not fit for purpose.Do you agree?

Resource of the week - Je suis une célébrité

Having retuned your TV last month, now you can turn to the box for some MFL inspiration with LNortcliffe's I'm a celebrity past tense practise activity

Contributor of the week

TES user MFLTeacher1 (real name: Victoria Handford) has been teaching French and German to Ks3 and 4 for 4 years and is a deputy head of French. She has shared over 150 resources on TES

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