TES 13 April 2012

TES 13 April 2012

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For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

Sowing the seeds of self-esteem

The first two schools to email Natasha Devon will each win a free Body Gossip course for their school.


  • Key stage 1: Food for thought - Understanding diet is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Help pupils learn why certain foods are good for them with QCDA_Resources lesson plan.
  • Key stage 2: Beauty on the box - Television, film and advertising tell us what ‘beauty’ is from a young age, Make pupils media-savvy and get them thinking for themselves with mediasmart’s self-esteem pack.
  • Key stage 3: Agony Aunt - Playing agony aunt to their peers, students will learn they are not alone. Pennymcb’s lesson will help them work through things together.
  • Key stage 4: Perfect? Normal? - Why do we obsess about being ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’? What do these words even mean? Youthhealthtalk’s activities will get students thinking.

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A resource a day helps you inspire and engage every day. Find a topical resource for every day of the week.

More algebra please!

So let’s do it. More algebra please! Let’s banish the fear and ensure it’s universally well taught. Naomi Sani has taught for 18 years in both primary and secondary sectors. She is also a freelance consultant and an INSET provider. Naomi's blogspot

What else?

  • When letters having meaning, algebra can be easier. Try shivabob’s paperclip activity to give those perplexing symbols a real context.
  • Create a colourful algebra community with tafkam’s algebra hunt.

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  • Is the head of maths role in a large secondary one of the most demanding positions in education? That's the debate going on in the TES Maths forum.

In the Spotlight - Brightstorm

New TES partner, Brightstorm has recorded over 250 video tutorials to help students over the crucial revision period.

Check out their website for over 2500 free maths and science tutorials.

Resource of the Week

  • Who should win the price? – Students in your class are each assigned a different student (in groups) and must campaign for their particular student and give reasons for why they should win More…the prize.

Oodles of oobleck

What else?

Check out youtube for lots of oobleck examples.

  • Or try the Science Museum’s video and lesson plan about Newton’s Nemesis.
  • Cloud Chambers Taking the good ideas of physics teachers and getting them out to a wider audience and making them portable.

Cool videos:

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  • One teacher is looking for ideas to teach radiation and radioactivity. Can you help? This is the burning issue on the TES Science forum this week.

In the Spotlight - Science on stage

Non-profit organisation, Science on Stage.

To get involved in future productions contract Jon Wakefield or visit the website.

Resource of the Week - It’s Marathon time

  • Marathon millions: See how much students already know about keeping their bodies fit and healthy with Simon Porter’s ‘Who wants to be a millionaire quiz’
  • Warm up: Get students active with Teach_Biology’s fitness tests, differentiated for higher and lower abilities.
  • Experiment: Help students identify how much energy is in foods and energy drinks with quick starter experiments from jacqui1974.
  • Assess: Test students’ knowledge of aerobic and anaerobic respiration with a quick quiz by funforester.

Contributor of the Week

Feeling the pressure of the approaching exams? Why not delve into Hanmphillip's resources.

A bloody good show

What else?

The Duchess of Malfi is at the Old Vic.

  • Introduce students to the style, people and architecture of Jacobean England in anna_wex‘s photo slideshow.
  • For something different from Shakespeare, why not explore one of the other Jacobean literary greats - Christopher Marlowe with Miss_s_k.
  • Show students’ the playwright’s original scribbles with copies of the First Folio available from the Globe Theatre. Or try their manga Shakespeare for an accessible introduction for younger pupils.

Olympic Poems is a book of 58 poems- all with a sporting feel.

  • An extract from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s ‘Ulysses’ has been selected to be engraved on the Olympic village wall. Explore the poem and others with a heroic theme in helpfulnomad’s lesson.
  • Or, test students’ wit with Sazo123’s poetry challenge to create the best Olympic acrostic.

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In the Spotlight

Trippingly on the tongue

  • Practise Shakespearean essay technique with TESEnglish's step-by-step guide to a 'character of Capulet' essay.
  • Or try Daniel Ingman's scheme of work, unraveling the key elements of essay technique one lesson at a time.
  • Start planning Shakespeare's birthday celebrations with the TES Shakespeare collection.
  • Stick with the Shakespearean spirit and create a box theatre to stage your own 'midsummer night's dream' with instructions from early Shakespeare.
  • Mod83 shares 20 one page role play scripts for a humorous and creative exploration of emotions.

Resource of the Week - A rhyme for a runner


A question of faith

What else?

  • The BBC Learning Zone Broadband clips offer online RE resources that are short and accessible for pupils with special needs
  • 360 degrees panoramic photographs of places of worship can be an exciting way to find out about religions

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In the Spotlight: Heritage heyday

As World Heritage Day approaches (18 April) why not explore UK cultural sites with students and inspire a passion for history with a school trip.

What else?

  • Prepare students with English Heritage’s classroom resources: from Stonehenge to Castles, World War II to the Tudors.

Resource of the Week


Musical inspiration

What else?

  • Check out Johnny’s Top of the Pops performance on youtube.
  • Introduce students to some of the great composers of the big screen with zoage’s presentation.

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Looking for advice about a Film Music unit? Or do you have great ideas to share? Join the discussion in the TES music forum.

Resource of the Week - Keep Calm and Smash It

In the Spotlight: Computer excellence

  • Strategic Information Pack will be sent out to every secondary school in England, schools need to register their interest by April 30.

Curious about Curie

What else?

  • Why not try allenk’s introduction to Marie Curie to get started with your own French culture/ language project.
  • For guidance and resources to help devise your own cross curricular drama lessons contact Mike Butler.

Contributor of the Week

Primary Spanish provider, Speekee has shared 61 resources on TES which incorporate clear planning and progression, imaginative use of authentic language in engaging video clips, and creative activity ideas to develop language use’.

Visit the Speekee website

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  • As exam season approaches, concern about last year’s marking is rising in the MFL forums.

In the Spotlight - Crossing the Equator

  • Organised as part of the British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ scheme, students taught in a Ugandan school while learning about customs and language from their newfound peers.
  • Why not try something different? Get students learning Swahili with pianocookie’s scheme of work.