TES 18 May 2012

TES 18 may 2012

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  • Key stage 1: God Save the Queen - Guide pupils through the history of the English national anthem and help them to play it with a musical lesson from pwilloughby3
  • Key stage 2: 60 tasks for 60 years - For Jubilee activity inspiration try Teachersstickylabels' list of ideas.
  • Key stage 3: Decade by decade - From pop culture to politics and fashion to Friends, zroberts' quiz tests how much pupils know about the people, styles and objects that have shaped life during Elizabeth II's reign.
  • Key stage 4: Jubilations -Get students designing adverts for a Jubilee street party with The Big Lunch's media lesson plan.

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The Queens Problem

What else?

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Royal Trumps

  • TES maths panellist, Laura Rees-Hughes has been teaching mathematics for three years and is a second in department. One of her latest resources - a pack of royal top trumps cards cards - is a great way to hone skills, and celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Jubilee logistics

Diamonds are a Queen's best friend…

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Guards V Thieves

TES science adviser, Alessio Bernardelli has created an interactive game with a crown jewel theme
This topical game is ready-to-use and a quick fire way to assess students' knowledge. It's also an engaging post-exam activity.

Forensics at the Tower

Even Queens get nervous

Access the diary extracts and more....

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Dramatic Jubilee

If you want to make Diamond Jubilee celebrations dramatic, try one of these theatre workshops that bring history alive through drama.

What else?

The Royal Commonwealth Society shares 6 lesson plans on TES to guide and inspire students' time capsule contributions.How to get involved?

All The Queen's Horses – The Royal Mews

The Royal Mews

What else?

  • Take a tour of the Royal Mews and explore its role in the Diamond Jubilee through historic photographs, archival materials and fascinating objects in special Jubilee workshops making historical links between Queen Victoria's 1897 celebrations and this year's
  • For a wide range of Jubilee resources check out the Diamond Jubilee collection on TES

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  • Head to the TES History forum for tips on getting key historical facts across without boring students.

Heritage of hierarchy

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, social enterprise organisation,Archaeology for Schools is offering a 'monarchs workshop' - delving deep into the past of the rulers of the British Isles.

Contact Archaeology for Schools or call 01244 940 976

What else?

A resource a day helps you inspire and engage every day. Find a topical resource for every day of the week.

The Queen: 60 Photographs for 60 Years

The Queen: 60 Photographs for 60 Years is on display at Windsor Castle. For more information visit the website or call 0207 766 7304

  • If you can't get to the exhibition at Windsor then decorate your classroom with royal family photos using claireh1039's collection
  • Queen Victoria was the first monarch to experience the photograph, explore photos of her and her family in a resource pack from nationalarchives

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Jubilee wood

TES partner, Woodland Trust is asking people across the UK to take part in the Jubilee Woods project which aims to plant 6 million trees.

Creative commemorations

Try these arty ideas to inspire pupils to create their own commemoration.

Kings, Queens and Green Worms

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  • Who thinks continuous assessments are a good thing and have benefitted language learning? Join the discussion.

Royal soiree

French is another uniting factor between our Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, both of whom learned to speak the language fluently. Indeed the menu for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee dinner was largely presented in French. Help students create their own French menu fit for a Queen with these resources about food.

Empress with linguistic skills to impress

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