TES 20 April 2012

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page.

TES 20 April 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.


  • Key stage 1: Write all about it! - The library is an alien crash site and pupils need to get out and investigate in this newspaper writing lesson from amygaunt
  • Key stage 2: Breaking news - Try TESiboard's Snake Escape story and turn classroom tables into lovely news desks
  • Key stage 3: Celebrity freedom - How much right should celebrities have to freedom for press invasion? Discuss and debate with lukeblackburn's resources
  • Key stage 4: My life as a broadcast journalist - Inspire journalists of tomorrow with this job profile from Bright_Knowledge
  • Key stage 5: Power of the Press - How much should the press be controlled, regulated and censorship? Get students debating with instituteofideas' resource pack

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Lessons with Grandpa

Jonny Griffiths

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Partner of the week - Khanacademy

TES welcomes Khanacademy, an American education site WHICH HAS shared over 8,000 free maths videos.

  • Khanacademy profile
  • Khanacademy is branching out beyond mathematics, with resources for science and history now available. Why not check out their website and tell your peers

Resource of the Week

Can there be giants?

  • mrslack_maths' investigation lesson asks students just this question as they study the relativity of height, strength and weight

Up, up and away

Space Engineering Course is to be delivered by the National Space Centre and Loughborough college.

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In the Spotlight -RSPCA week

RSPCA Week (30 April – 6 May)

Pet organisations on TES:

A taste for words

What else?

  • If food tasting isn't your thing, try krista_carson's homelessness themed lesson to develop descriptive writing- one of the most popular resources on TES
  • Get students thinking with their senses with a PowerPoint from Miss R

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The Great Reading Eggspedition

Help your pupils become reading champions with Mathletic's Great Reading Eggspedition (26 April- 6 May). A free 2 week literacy event where key stage 1 and 2 pupils are invited to visit an online world to help them develop their reading, grammar and vocabulary skills while them aim to win the most golden eggs.

Register at www.mathletics.co.uk/Eggspedition

Resource of the Week

London teens and illegal activity

  • Kids hanging out on the streets; a desperate teenager trying to scramble money together to feed their drug habit; a young girl threatened with prison time for possession- these are typical film images of London's ethnic minority youths. But Sebastian Thiel's short film Illegal Activity (A Kingdom Vision Production) turns these stereotypes on their head.
  • Kingdom Vision Production has set up the Kingdom School of Arts where young people have the opportunity to be trained and promoted by RADA graduates and industry professionals. The school runs in 10 week terms every Sunday for 3 hours and opens this summer term in Camden.
  • Get students thinking about gun crime and gang culture with a study book from TESEnglish

Citizenship/ Geography

African adventures

Joanne Dwyer is a writer and founder of the Elimu Foundation

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Competition of the week

Writing the history pages of tomorrow

The Chalke Valley History Prize. Further details can be found online

In the Spotlight: School children speak out

What else?

An 'Ideas Guide' to creating and planning a great school council project:


Eight special tales

'Being Forgotten' is available from Amazon at £7.99

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Resource of the Week - Get in focus

The UK's first National Photography Month (June 2012) celebrates the value of photographs as historical records with the launch of a new photographic archive project for secondary schools: My School in Focus

In the Spotlight - Images of Britain

  • Celebrating the design achievements of Britain between London's last Olympics (1948) and this year's games, the Victoria and Albert museum is hosting the first celebration of the nation's innovations with its British Design: 1948-2012 exhibition.
  • Get students inspired by the decade of flower power, pop music and counter-culture with the V&A's designing the decades 1960s study day (16 June)
  • From the mini-skirt to the spitfire, introduce classic British designs with a PowerPoint from LBleach

Win the chance to have exclusive use of a private Spanish island for a week.

Make film your friend

What else?

  • Check out the TES MFL film collection to help you incorporate the audio-visual into your secondary classroom
  • grebdeb shares a colourful study aid to help students show their understanding of Lola Rennt

Resource of the week - Internet dating

  • A differentiated reading and writing activity where students can learn or revise key 'about me' vocabulary, practise reading basic personal details and write their own advert for an online dating page

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In the Spotlight - One to 100

If you are looking for a quick reference guide for young learners new to foreign languages then the 'My First 100 words' series from b small publishing can help. The book is also available in English and Spanish

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