TES 31 August 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

TES 31 August 2012

Links to resources, events, reviews and forum posts featured in TES this week

For your ease of use, all the links to items featured in the Resources section of the magazine are now accessible from this web page. Either use the links below to access subject areas or scroll down the page.

Should we panic about pornography?

Pornography- tips on how to address in SRE lessons This guide from SecEdUKation aims to support teachers with addressing the issue of pornography in lessons.

Clare Bale (2011): Raunch or romance? Framing and interpreting the relationship between sexualized culture and young people's sexual health.

What else?

See the EU kids, NSPCC and UNICEF 2009 surveys online.

For classroom resources check out the TES Sex and relationships collection


  • Key stage 1: Starting sex ed early - A Teachers TV video explores how and why primary schools can introduce sex education
  • Key stage 2: Young people and sex - Find out what young people think about sex with a series of videos from Youthhealthtalk
  • Key stage 3: Sexting - For information about what sexting is and how to tackle it, try Brentford0's presentation.
  • Key stage 4: Distorted screen - Gareth Cheeseman has collected a range of resources to help tackle media and pornographic distortion about the perfect body.

In our prime

What else?

In the forum

In the spotlight - Back-to-school maths

Tes maths adviser Craig Barton recommends some of his favourite resources to start the new SCHOOL year:

Resource of the week - Out on the farm

Take maths out of the classroom and onto the farm with a lively range of worksheets from content partner FACE designed for a field trip to a local farm.

Let's be practical

What else?

In the forum?

Resource of the week - Night owls

The TES nocturnal animals collection includes 12 of the best resources to help pupils identify species, animal habitats and characteristics of creatures who come out at night. learning with an interactive PowerPoint.

In the spotlight - All about physics

Tes content partner schoolphysics shares over 1,000 guides to help novice scientists become physics expertsDigital Explorer’s polar challenge

It's a Kind of Magic

Various magic tricks for children

Useful resources for 'Instruction texts'

What else?

In the forum

In the spotlight - Punctuation panda

  • Andrew Brodie's new Improving Punctuation series (Bloomsbury Publishing) provides ready-to-use classroom resources to help pupils identify a comma from a full stop. provides a suggested reading list and sponsor forms.

Resource of the week - Monster words

  • Give pupils an out-of-this-world introduction to synthetic phonics with Teach Your Monster to Read a new educational game from Usbourne

Make time for literacy

What else?

In the forum

In the spotlight - Schools history project

  • Get students analysing source material to understand anti-Vietnam protests and Hitler Youth with resources from the TES schools history project

Resource a week - Weather worries

The sky's the limit

What else?

  • For a guide to getting started with Wordle try m.quigley's resource
  • For a thoughtful starter get students to guess the topic of different Wordle puzzles with sarahcopeland's PowerPoint

In the forum

  • There's advice on the best tutorials to help you learn Python in the TES ICT forum

Resource of the week - Reading, writing and refereeing

  • Futsal UK, national promoters of the sport Futsal, is collaborating with schools to offer academic scholarships for students to study a BTEC national qualification in sport

In the spotlight - Pocket-sized gaming

  • Pupils' award winning oyster card tiddlywinks launched at Design Museum

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Worthy of dicussion?

What else?

  • Help students structure options about children's rights with ciara5's PowerPoint
  • More resources about children's rights
  • Organise some cross-curricular teaching combining citizenship and french with UNICEF UK's wants and needs cards

In the forum

  • How much control do you think a head of department have over the schemes of work their teachers deliver?

In the spotlight - Make first days count

  • QCDA_Resourcesshares a scheme of work introducing students to greetings, simple grammar and classroom objects 8th London Spanish Film Festival this autumn
  • Or try wiggs' colourful word mats to remind students of common verbs and phrases
  • To recap classroom objects try rosaespanola's 3 quick starters
  • Accompanied by the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas, franciscabrelfan's song 'excusez-moi madame'

Resource of the week - Language learning plans