TES Australia founder members

Meet the teachers who helped build TES Australia

Thank you to our founder members who contributed their wonderful teaching resources ahead of the site's launch. Their generosity and hard work means that fellow teachers can access and benefit from a wealth of teaching material tailored specifically to the Australian curriculum.

Ellen Barr:
"TES Australia could not come at a more appropriate time than now with the introduction of the new Australia Curriculum."

Jan Polkinghorne:
"As a Jolly Phonics trainer with regular contact with many teachers Australia wide, I have been using and recommending TES to teachers for years. To be able to say that we now have our own TES Australia will make it just that much more relevant and useful… I trust teachers of Australia will give TES the support this initiative deserves."

Stuart Byrnes:
"I encourage you to support the new TES Australia site as the resources available here will be specific to Australian Curriculum requirements. The resources will also be a valuable asset to supporting the stage development of your particular class, within varying subject areas."

Leanne Grams:
"TES has proven an invaluable source for my teaching and I use it as a first port of call when preparing a new topic. I recommend it very highly and am so excited that we now have an Australian TES."

Scot MacCrum:
"I am thrilled to see that TES Australia is now available for Australian teachers and students to enjoy. This website will assist myself (and many other Australian teachers) in implementing the Australian Curriculum for many years to come. Thank you TES Connect!"

Penelope Earp:
"Working within special education it is very difficult to find appropriate and relevant resources, and the wonderful thing about TES Australia is that there are loads of amazing resources for our students."

Arvind Singh:
"TES Australia is a user-friendly site for teachers with lots of useful resources. It is a great site as it allows teachers to share and collaborate with other colleagues."

Full list of TES Australia founder members:

Ellen Barr
Lucy Battagello
David Beale
Michael Bennett
Rosemary Beswick
Carly-Jane Boreland
Maree Bradley
Donna Buckley
Stuart Byrnes
David Caddy
Daniel Chapman
Prue Clarke
Kerrie Cogger
Sophia Collins
Penny Dellapina
Courtney Devitt
Joanne Di Pino
Geoff Dix
Penelope Earp
Sharon Eichinger
Michaela Epstein
Ke Fan
Caroline George
Leanne Grams

Dawn Heldt
Michelle Higgs
Raewyn Hill
Lee Hoinville
Anita Hood
Samantha Hurley
Beth Hutchison
Larne Jacobs
Evelyn Lee
Chris Long
Kimberley Louwrens
Scott MacCrum
Rosie Mackay
Lia Maroni
Katy Marriner
Eleasa Mauigoa
Melanie McGrane
Carol Mehmet
Judith Morais
Julie Munoz
Ahna Munro
Anne Pearson
Trish Perrier

Anna Petrozzino
Thomas Polak
Jan Polkinghorne
Philippa Ramsden
Monica Ribeiro
Louise Roberts
Emily Russell
Arvind Singh
Michael Spence
Julie Suter
Christian Tabi
Adeline Teng
Jacqueline Tracy
Nassain Turvey
Zoe Wallace
Debbie Wand
Maria White
Naomi Whitehead
Tina Wilkinson
Christine Wingate
Joanne Withnall
Amy Woods
Kathryn Yeates

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