TES Career Advice Service

These are difficult times to get a job as a teacher. The number of school vacancies has fallen at all levels and, with 30,000 teachers looking for work each year, competition has rarely been tougher.  

With this in mind, experts at the TES Career Advice Service have produced a range of services to help you to get ahead in your career. A team of education professionals has developed seminars, one-to-one careers advice sessions and an applications consultancy to help you maximise your chances when applying for jobs online. 

The advice service is an extension of the respected TES brand. It offers confidential help to teachers through its TES Connect website.



Career advice and professional development seminars to help you how to make an application that will stand out from the crowd, improve your performance at interview or in the classroom and how to showcase and/or improve your skills.

Each seminar has a maximum of 20 attendees, so that each teacher has an opportunity to ask the presenters individual questions. The seminars take place in the TES Headquarters in Holborn, London

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One-to-One career advice

At key times during your teaching career personal guidance can make all the difference in whether you take the right route to a fulfilling career or end up feeling frustrated.

We have designed a premium face-to-face career counselling service to help you make the right career choices and to give you an edge in your search for the next job. The face-to-face session lasts for one hour.

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One-to-One interview coaching

Interviews can be daunting especially for school leaders and classroom teachers, who have not applied for a new role at a different school for several years.  As a result many excellent candidates do not do themselves justice in job interviews.

The TES Career Advice Service offers half day one-to-one interview coaching to help you to improve your performance, showcase your skills and experience and give a thoroughly professional impression.

The 2.5 hour sessions with an experienced education interviewer will help you to prepare for an important interview and increase your chances of being offered the position.

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TES Application Review Service

For many candidates producing an impressive CV and selling themselves in the covering letter does not come easily. 

Our team can advise you on the application paperwork. This service will make your CV and covering letter stand out for all the right reasons and give you the best chance of being shortlisted for that perfect teaching job.

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