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Our classroom expert is the ‘behaviour guru’, Tom Bennett. He’s on a mission to help teachers take charge of their room and get the pupils learning.

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Improve your behaviour management skills to maximise learning in your lessons. From free behaviour-tracking wall charts and praise stickers available for you to download to tips and tricks from TES behaviour adviser Tom Bennett, we've got everything you need to create and implement an excellent behaviour strategy.

Here are the best hand-picked behaviour management resources shared by our users, including seating plans, star charts and countdown timers.

Watch these videos to help you prepare your behaviour and classroom management strategy before the new school year starts.

Keep up to date with the latest behaviour management resources shared on TES by our behaviour specialist Tom Bennett.

These mini-articles include top tips and ideas to keep your calm in the classroom.

Join the conversation on the TES behaviour forum and get advice from your peers and colleagues on how to deal with your behaviour and classroom management problems.

Behaviour management videos from Teachers TV offer advice on bullying, differentiation and body language in the classroom.

Keep up with Tom's latest thoughts on education in his blog, which covers everything from Ofsted to iPads in the classroom.

These behaviour advice articles include advice on cyberbullying and low-level disruption.