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Primary History - Enquiry skills and research

Here is a selection of ideas and resources, all available free via the TES site, to help pupils acquire the valuable skills of enquiry and provide starting points for topic research.

Enquiry skills

  • Short videos of KS2 lessons, offering ideas for introducing history topics and using tools and artefacts.

Images of England

  • An amazing, free photo library with thousands of images of built heritage, together with guidance for topic work, to support history lessons. Search for images by key stage, subject or topic link.

The British Monarchy

  • A link to the official website for research into the British royal family, both past and present.

A Tudor House

A Celtic Roundhouse

  • The following links show 3D images of dwellings from different historical periods, such as the building stages and methods of construction of a Tudor house and a Celtic Roundhouse.

Historical Timeline

  • Dates of different eras, from prehistoric to modern times, with images. Help set the context for pupils’ historical learning.

Close Encounters with Culture

  • A guide to getting the most out of historical artefacts and museum trips for EY pupils.

Mystery Suitcase

  • A fun practical lesson to introduce the skills of enquiry. Pupils gather evidence from objects in a suitcase to discover more about the identity of the owner.

Ancient Egyptian Research Project

  • Aimed at Years 4-6, this resource includes questions on various aspects of life in Ancient Egypt to support a class research project.

Historical Enquiry - The Romans

  • Lesson plans and video evidence to support a class investigation into the uprising led by the Celtic leader Boudicca against the Romans.

History Packs

  • These packs support enquiry by providing various sources of information about the past, under four time periods: Earliest People, Stuart, Victorian and WWII. The site includes questions and activities around each element of enquiry.

Domesday Sources

  • Information from different sources for pupils to compare and discuss, together with differentiated questions and enquiries.

TESiboard Primary KS1 History - Toys and transport

  • TESiboard have developed a collection of IWB resources to support the Primary History topics of ‘Toys from the past’ and ‘Transport’.

Toys Past and Present - database

  • A card index database for KS1 pupils to find key information about a variety of toys and then sort the cards using their own criteria.

Toys Past and Present - mock website

  • Here, facts are presented through a toy shop website, for KS2 pupils to read for research and topic information.

Transport Encyclopaedia

  • A great resource for independent research, aimed at KS1 and lower KS2, concisely written and illustrated. Modes of transport can be grouped by time period and/or type of vehicle.

Transport Timeline

  • A companion activity to the Transport Encyclopaedia, pupils can use the evidence they have gathered to place vehicles from different eras onto the timeline.

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