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Secondary Music - Jazz and Blues

Jazz and blues are exciting and engaging styles to form the basis of music lessons throughout KS3 and beyond. Pupils are often surprised at the influence both types of music have had over more commonly known types of music today, such as R&B and Hip Hop. These resources, all shared by the teachers in the TES community, can be used to open pupils up to influential styles and techniques and inspire enthusiasm for new music. There are also some general materials helpful for planning and covering fundamental musical concepts.


The impact of music

  • Introduce pupils to new styles of music which they may not be familiar with -including jazz and blues

New AQA GCSE scheme of work

  • A very detailed and comprehensive SOW for use in GCSE classes - a huge time saver when planning.

Time signatures

  • Simple, compound, double, triple quad time signatures and how to recognize them.

Blues & jazz resources

Blues worksheets and activities

  • Blues worksheets and activities which form a booklet of work designed for year 8 students.

Keyboard card

  • A versatile card to print and laminate, it can be used to place on the keyboard to show which notes are which, or used as a visual aid when teaching - i.e. concepts such as the pentatonic scale or blues scale.

The Blues

  • This powerpoint can serve as a fantastic introduction to the blues as well as providing useful reminders of techniques and features when revising.

KS3 blues - listening exercises

  • Pupils listen to examples of well-known blues artists and fill in the answers on the printable test documents.

Eric Clapton listening work

  • Listening activity (with answer sheet) on a song by Eric Clapton, with a homework exercise for further research.

Rhythmic starter

  • Different rhythms using the theme of a ‘train departure’ to aid pupil memory.

Jazz improvisation booklet

  • A booklet to guide through the jazz and improvisation scheme, this work should take 6 to 8 weeks. Alternatively just use it for odd lessons. A Backing track is provided for to demonstrate improvisation with.

LTP for KS3 Music

  • This planning document contains long term planning suggestions for KS3, including suggestions for the Jazz Improvisation scheme.

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