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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Maths and Science are clearly very closely linked, and have been throughout history. Great figures such as Newton, Einstein and Pascal would have been mortally offended to be labelled as simply a mathematician or a scientist given their immense contributions in both fields. However, often the extent of collaboration between these subjects in schools is limited to a brief discussion of how to plot scatter diagrams, draw a histogram or describe a vector. This collection of resources are all produced by the talented users of the TES community and highlight wonderful and practical links between science and maths.

Top 10 Resources:

Maths Rocket Project

  • Ask a student whether they would rather build a rocket or study some science and maths, and I am pretty sure what their answer will be. However, with this wonderful project students have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate some high-level maths and science skills, with a bit of business acumen thrown in for good measure as well.

Standard Form World Facts

  • It can be easy for students to question to use and relevance of standard form. However, if they are shown this lovely resource, their questions will be answered as the real world use of standard form in science is clearly highlighted.

Autograph Video Special 3 - Bivariate Data

  • A video to look at how we can do scatter graphs and lines of best fit on Autograph by looking at an interesting relationship between the weights of babies and the gestation period.

Whose Line Graph is it Anyway?

  • A really good puzzle which challenges students to indentify the graphs of scientific processes involving two variables.

Snowboard Designer

  • A fantastic colourful handout explaining how maths and sicence are so important to the success of snowboarders from the design to the ride.

The Science of Golf

  • A really interesting insight into how maths and physics can be applied to perfecting the perfect golf swing.

Autograph Video Special 2 - Normal Distribution

  • The normal distribution is a key concept of statistics that often sneaks its way into the sciences. Here we look at how you can analyse data that fits a normal distribution using Autograph.

Catalyse That!

  • Can your students work out how to produce the right amount of chemical in a temperature-dependent reaction? A very challenging and stimulating problem.

Time to Evolve

  • Maths and Biology combine beautifully here with a challenging puzzle to find out how many generations would link an evolutionist to a very distant ancestor.

SUMS - Statistical Understanding Made Simple

  • A solid understanding of statistics is crucial in both maths and science, and this website provides some very clear tutorials and practical applications of statistical tests.

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