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Primary Geography - Mountains and rivers

Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected byTES Primary adviser, Sara Carroll.

A collection of some of the best uploaded resources shared by teachers for topics on mountains and rivers.

The Mountain Environment

  • Facts about mountains, with images, providing valuable information and links for pupil research.

Raging Rivers

  • An amazing presentation to start off a water topic in KS2, including river features, river animals, environmental issues and the water cycle.

Widget Software have contributed several Geography resources which are fully supported by Widgit symbols - for those pupils who struggle to read the text to understand the concept. These resources are all in PDF format.

What is a Mountain?

  • Information about what defines a mountain, with full Widgit symbol support.

Mountain Plants and Wild Animals

  • An illustrated worksheet to look at the plants and mountains in mountain environments.

Looking after the Mountain Environment

Mountains Vocabulary List

  • Words and symbols for mountain topic vocabulary, which would be useful for individual pupil support or to use as flashcards in a class discussion.

Louise Bruzon a first school co-ordinator, has contributed several excellent Geography resources for KS1 (all in Word Doc format)

Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?

  • Images of different environment for pupils to describe, as well as a postcard template and a choice of stamps.

Barnaby Bear worksheets

  • Worksheets for labelling and describing different types of locations.

More Barnaby Bear resources

  • A series of world maps showing positions of major mountains, rivers, deserts and oceans.

Barnaby Bear descriptive writing sheets

  • Worksheets for children to describe environments using their senses. What did Barnaby see, hear, smell, taste and touch?

More resources


  • Explore Snowdonia to find out about its features and identify activities that could be carried out there. Suitable for KS1 pupils.

Pip Investigates Rivers

  • For younger pupils, this shows a puppet visiting waterways and asking questions about features and uses.

The Seven Summits

  • KS2 ‘mountain environment’ topic information for display and a workbook in which to answer questions.


  • Information about volcanoes and links, for KS2 pupils.

Mountains Chatterbox

  • Key facts for KS2 about the eight highest mountains, hidden in a ‘chatterbox’!

Rivers of the World

  • Images and facts about six of the world’s major rivers. Suitable for KS2.