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Special needs (Secondary) - Working with pupils with BESD

They are among the most difficult pupils to teach. Their behaviour requires particularly skilful and vigilant management. This places their teachers under considerable pressure as they strive to provide a worthwhile and coherent education which offers pupils with EBD opportunities to make steady progress, comparable where possible with that of their peers in ordinary schools. It is intended that these resources cover a range of teachers needs. Some are intended to be advisory or perhaps act as a refresher or training aid. There are other resources that should act as complete resources or that allow a way in for pupils who may be reluctant and/or have low self-regard. They are nearly all in a format that you are able to personalize and amend easily. We hope you find them useful and would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future articles.

20 Useful Resources:

Managing Behaviour Positively & Reducing Exclusion

  • A useful starting point to working effectively with pupils. It may be a useful reminder to keep on your desk or act as a tool to assist with INSET or the development of new teachers.

What happens to my body when I get angry

  • Helping pupils to recognise and be aware of their anger may allow potential areas of conflict to be avoided and/ or discussed.

Calming down

  • A colourful and straightforward resource which allows discussion of behaviour and possible strategies to overcome inappropriate behaviour.

Face Spinner - Angry, Sad, Afraid

  • This allows you to create a spinner with various faces upon it. This could form the focus of a designated time to discuss emotions. What triggers them? How do they manifest themselves? How can we cope with them?

Transition themed website for Year 6 pupils preparing for secondary school

  • A great way to motivate and open discussions about potential transition worries. The transition process can be a particularly worrying time for pupils who have BESD.

Blockbusters PowerPoint game

  • A colourful and different way to introduce concepts, knowledge and revision. It is also a way of introducing competition and games to develop social skills by allowing pupils to develop the game and test you!

Space workbook

  • Another well thought out and colourful resource introducing a topic that engage many youngsters. This resource gives you a great base to differentiate according to need and/or attitude of pupil on the day.

Dinosaur workbook

  • This complements the resources on space and is placed for the same reason. It is another great and complete resource that could be used in many ways and by a variety of staff and pupils.

Attitude is everything

  • This is an extract from Rob Long who is well renowned in the field of behaviour management. The resource area has many articles to either introduce or remind about the approaches that may be required in dealing with pupils who have BESD.

Rewarding progress (without breaking the bank!!)

  • Three different styles of reward charts for encouraging better behaviour. Use stamps or stickers to record child’s progress at the end of each day. Take chart home at the end of the week to show parents. Pupils need to be reminded of their achievements on a regular basis and when they occur.

Letting pupils know how you feel about behaviour without disrupting a lesson

  • These ‘referee’ cards may be useful in your setting. Perhaps you could subtly place them on the table of a pupil who is disruptive, with a clear sanction if they reach red. It may cut out the need to have to stop the lesson and have to talk to a pupil. This site contains other free resources with a donation optional.

Square numbers and football

  • This resource delivers the concept of square numbers using football as the theme. It aims to make the topic practical via a popular topic.

Pel droed (Delivering Welsh language via football.)

  • If you teach Welsh these resources may give you a suitable resource to engage learners via the topic of footballers.


  • This resource like many of the others allows itself to be adapted and allow a range of outcomes. It may be used as a single task or a way in for reluctant learners or pupils with low self-esteem.

Introducing Buddhism

  • A really simple resource, but it offers the ability to discuss a religion via a practical activity. When you have the interest of the pupils as they colour there is a prime opportunity for some discussion and then further research.

FA Cup Developing sentences from data and statistics

  • A resource that offer a popular stimulus, particularly for boys. It offers some data about the most successful teams and encourages pupils to turn this data into simple sentences with a model and guidance provided. There are then a range of possible extra questions and a suitable web link. This has the potential to go where the pupils want to take it!

The art of Isabelle Le Roux

  • This resource introduces the work of this South African artist. She uses bold colours and broad shapes to produce her work. It is quite easy to access and can be attractive to BESD pupils in achieving quick success in copying her style.

The Solar System

  • This workbook hopes to develop Literacy, Numeracy, Thinking and ICT skills. All of the criteria are highlighted within the pack. It also can act as a stimulus to a wide variety of work relating to the solar system.

Kes Quiz (Style of jeopardy)

  • This has been found to be a really successful book/film to use with BESD boys in particular. This ‘jeopardy style’ quiz is a great resource to review the story. You get the answer and have to generate a relevant question.

Film music

  • Never under estimate the power of music and film in being a good motivator for pupils. If you’re not a music specialist this very comprehensive resource offers lots of ideas. You may have to dust down your CDs and complete a few downloads. The pupils may also be able to contribute to this!