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Teachers TV resources hosted by TES Resources website and selected by TES Science adviser. TES username: docras

TES Resources website now hosts Teachers TV videos and associated resources. Most videos are between 13 minutes and 30 minutes in length, and some are supported by power points for students and teachers, activities, lesson plans, and further information

You can search the resources by subject – Biology, Chemistry, Physics – most the resources focus in KS3 and KS4, but some are useful for Post-16 teaching too. Here is a selection on some of the best.

Teachers TV: Secondary Biology

Direct link to Teachers TV Biology:

KS3/KS4 Biology

How Science Works: Asthma on the Run

  • An engaging video which links a condition many students are familiar with (asthma) to sport, the biology of respiration, lung structure and the role of medical researchers in developing treatments for people with breathing difficulties.

Demonstrating Biology: It Takes Guts

  • If you and your students can stomach it, this video demonstrates the benefits of using a real digestive system to demonstrate how the different parts fit together and function. The health and safety tips on preparation, storage and disposable and very helpful!

KS4/Post-16 Biology

An Engaging and Accessible Lesson on DNA

  • Interactive masterclass which demonstrates how the genetic code on DNA instructs a cell to construct proteins. Billed as KS4, the techniques used and ideas presented are just as applicable to teaching Advanced level Biology.

Post-16 Biology

Pembrokeshire Field Studies

  • Recommended viewing for A level Biology teachers considering or planning a field trip to the seashore. Includes examples of practical activities, educational benefits of field work, and also the social benefits for students participating in a residential field trip.

Teachers TV: Secondary Chemistry

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KS3/KS4 Chemistry

Periodic Table: Ferocious Elements

  • Excellent explanation of periodic trends, focusing on group 1 metals and group 7 halogens. The information presented is accessible and supported by exciting demonstration experiments.

Secondary Science: Reactive Elements

  • Useful tips for teachers on practical demonstrations and activities to explore reactivity of group 1 metals.

Hard-to-Teach Secondary Science

  • Many science departments have data loggers. This video shows an example of how ICT can interface with science experiments to support students’ understanding of the dynamic nature of chemical reactions and the use of data loggers in helping students to investigate what’s happening.

Inside Chemistry: Chemistry in Forensics

  • Students find the techniques used in analytical chemistry more interesting when they can appreciate their practical application, particularly in forensic science, This video demonstrates a range of techniques used to solve real murders - engaging students in actual murder cases.

Teachers TV: Secondary Physics

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KS3/KS4 Physics

KS3 Physics: Sound

  • Excellent visual presentations are used to introduce four lesson starters on sound. The activity document gives the key concept of each section, questions for discussion and ideas for investigations (including equipment lists).

Demonstrating Physics: Forces

  • A video of experiments and demonstrations on forces, supported by pdf documents explaining the experiments and key principles demonstrated.

The Circus Comes to School

  • Entertaining video on how hands-on circus skills can be used engage students to communicate key physics principles. Read the supporting word document if you want to learn how to juggle.

Inside Science: The Challenge of Solar Power

  • Comprehensive introduction to how solar energy is captured and used to produce electricity, as well as the benefits and challenges of using solar power.