TES Computing, control and programming teaching resources

ICT - Computing, Control and Programming

Creative ideas including how to make a game in Flash, also an excellent introduction to algorithms and programming plus resources aimed at GCSE Computing students

Web X-Ray goggles by Hackasaurus

  • A truly amazing web-based tool that lets you explore and edit live websites in your browser. Simple to use and frankly, just fantastic.

Computer networks

  • A detailed look at networks to meet the new GCSE specifications.

CS4FN – Computer science for fun

  • A brilliant website brimming with ideas for lessons and challenges based on a variety of Computing topics.

LOGO workbook

  • Logo provides an excellent introduction to algorithms and programming – and this workbook is ideal for a large age range.

Scratch game-making for primary

  • A guide to building a simple game in Scratch aimed at a much younger audience. Ideally suited for KS2 students or lower ability KS3.

Scratch fish and shark game

  • A classic David Phillips screencast looking at how to make a straightforward game in Flash. An excellent introduction for KS3 & 4.

Binary representation of data

  • A set of resources initially aimed at AS Computing students, but selected documents could be picked out for GCSE Computing too.

Hamming code

  • A notoriously tricky topic in AS Computing, Gedlad’s PDF is essential reading.

Flash animation to show a basic computer

  • A classic Teach ICT animation to explain the mysteries of a simple control system.

Teachers TV

Painting with numbers - patterns in nature

  • Professor Marcus du Sautoy explains how mathematicians use numbers and equations to represent the world around us.

Hard to teach - secondary maths using ICT

  • Teachers use ICT with ‘hard to teach’ maths topics.

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Validity Of Information

Digital Products

Public Information Systems


Problem Solving


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