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S.Moodley, you have uploaded the most this week; thank you for sharing!

Featured Partner - Bloodhoundssc

Bloodhoundssc is a partner of ours who have provided a number of very useful topics and resources. Some offer a useful cross curricular link while others focus on engineering. I particularly enjoyed the “hardness of materials” resource which looked closely at the wheels used on the Bloodhoundssc Thrust land speed record cars.

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Resource of the Week

Year 8 Picaxe Cyber Pet project - This is a project that whilst being designed specifically for Year 8 students, could also be implemented with higher years or even with a group of Gifted and Talented Year 7 pupils.

Forum Discussion of the Week

A post which deals with teaching and delivering a course in September whilst having no access to a workshop, resources or tools. The idea being that after the first six weeks these items will be supplied. Quite a challenge, see if you can offer some help or advice.

Video of the week

Secondary Design & Technology

A great video where members of a panel review and ultimately recommending different resources to be used in a real design technology classroom.

The D&T Association's Campaign

If you have not already done so, then please sign up for the Design and Technology Association's "Believe in DT" campaign. If, like me, you want the subject to remain on the National Curriculum then please do not delay in getting your voice heard. Find details here

Show case your school projects on TES!

Simply upload some photographs and a resource explaining the brief and the outcome of your project. Share with us whether the project has been entered into any competitions, has won an award or simply why you believe it is worthy of praise. This is a fantastic way of getting the hard work of both you and your students featured!

Contact me via the School Projects forum page or email me when you have uploaded your projects.

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Secondary D&T Page on TES

Teaching resources, worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level

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Videos from the BBC for use in the D&T classroom

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Articles on TES

Olympic Torch Relay, 18 May to 27 July - Carrying light out of the darkness

A really interesting article, which while having little or nothing to do with design technology is, nether the less a great read and topical. If you are covering the Olympics in any way during your lessons then this article may help inspire or encourage discussion.

TES D&T Landing Page

We now have our very own landing page for Design Technology. Why not join the featured forum discussion of the week and tell us what you would like to see featured.

Featured Resource Collection

Food GCSE Games on the Internet

A Word document containing a number of hyperlinks to interactive games on the Internet. Ideal for use on an Interactive Whiteboard or simply projected via your laptop. A perfect list to set up your GCSE starters or to give the students a different medium and way of learning and revising. Created by janharper.

Top 5 resources

Product Analysis impacts on people and the environment

A power point presentation highlighting the impacts that all products can make throughout their life-cycle on people and the environment. The presentation has linked activities and a product lifecycle worksheet for students across all D&T material areas.

Computers in Textiles

This great resource introduces students to the use of IT in design, development and production. It also includes activities to encourage independent thought.

Edexcel Btec Level 1 unit 7 paperwork example

This thorough resource incorporates the design for a simple metronome circuit to be manufactured by the students with a simple aluminum case which could be produced as part of Unit 2.

Using Solid works Assembly

An extremely thorough, well presented resource which clearly outlines in a step by step fashion how to assemble components using solid works.

Fat investigation

A pupil based activity to investigate the effects of changing fat on shortbread. Easy to follow and with a considered layout.

About Spencer

Every time I download or review a resource on the TES website, I am taken aback at the amount of time and effort teachers have put into the resources they so kindly share. We have such a fantastic and rich bank of resources which I personally recommend to anyone teaching D&T